VET Student Loan Settings In The Organisation Wizard

The second page of the Organisation Wizard (accessed in the Configuration Manager) has fields to enter info:

  • VSL Provider Code will be used in the file names of the VSL export files generated in the VSL Exporter in VETtrak.
  • URL of your organisation's policy regarding withdrawals from enrolments.  The purpose of this field is to display a URL at the end of the Withdrawal from Course paragraph on the standard Fee Notice report generated from VETtrak.
  • HEIMS username is the username of the eCAF Provider API Access role set up in the eCAF web environment.  This role can be set up by filling out the Government eCAF API system access request form. Please note that only one account of this type can be created per organisation.  This account is used for accessing the Government eCAF web service.
  • HEIMS password is the password of the eCAF Provider API Access role as above.
  • A button is available to Test the eCAF connection using the HEIMS username and password.


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