Generate Agent Commissions Wizard

VETtrak has a unique tool to generate Agent Commission Invoices. 

To access this wizard navigate to the Utility -> Finance utilities menu heading:

This will display the Generate Agent Commissions Wizard:

This wizard is designed to easily display outstanding agent commission amounts that have not yet had an invoiced generated for them. Pressing the Search button will populate the grid based off the date entered in the Date for new invoices field. Different agencies will be displayed with their own expandable heading to show their commission amounts.

Client and Enrolment details will display in the main body of the wizard, as well as information related to their existing enrolment invoice. This includes the amount due to be paid as part of Agent Commission invoice.

If you instead wish to see any commissions amounts that are entered by are not yet ready to be generated, tick the the Preview commissions not yet due for enrolment invoices box and perform a search. A message will display to indicate that this is a preview only, and invoices are not yet ready to be generated:

When viewing commission amounts that are ready to generate, you can tick the Use box against any item in this area to select it for an Accounts Payable Invoice to be generated for the agent/agency:

You can then press Next and Finish to generate the items as invoices.

The finish page also includes some options to view the invoices immediately, or instead to view a summary report of the items being generated.

Generated Agent Commission invoices will display within the Employer Manager for their Agency under the Accounts Payable Invoices heading:

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