USI: Setting up myGovID / RAM

AUSkey was decommissioned on Friday 27 March 2020

Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) will no longer be able to use their AUSkeys to access the USI Registry after the decommission date, therefore we advise you to transition now.

In order to successfully configure VETtrak to access USI functionality, external government websites will need to be visited and some processes completed.

The initial steps for an RTO include registering a myGovID and then linking the business within the Relationship Authorisation Manager - this will provide you with the resources needed to get VETtrak integrated with USI.

  • The myGovID serves as a digital identity service to allow a user to securely sign into and access government online services. It is accessed via a smartphone or tablet at the time of needing to log into a website.
  • The Relationship Authorisation Manager is a government website that allows you to set up and manage relationships and authorisations across government online services. For the sake of USI, it allows a user to access either a Machine Credential if you are VETtrak Local customer, or to set up a Notification if you are a VETtrak Hosting customer.

    Please note: In order to successfully link a business within the RAM website, the principal authority of the business will likely need to access the website and complete the process. The principal authority is the person considered responsible for the business, such as the company director.

The ATO has a standard help page available to clarify the purpose of these systems available here:


As these processes are external to VETtrak as a company, this article serves as a resource for how best to access the websites required and complete the set up process.

VETtrak Support is limited in the amount of assistance that can be provided for these processes - the websites and bodies involved are not managed by VETtrak as a company.


Setting up your myGovID

To create your personal myGovID, you will need to visit the website and complete the steps documented on the following webpage:

A video demonstrating the process is also available here: myGovID Explanation and Registration Process

These steps include:

  • Downloading the myGovID app to your smart device
  • Entering your details (Name, Date of Birth, Email)
  • Adding identity documents/information to verify your identity

Once these steps are complete, you will have a valid myGovID to use when signing into Government Websites.

Accessing Relationship Authorisation Managermceclip1.png

To link a business within RAM, the principal authority of the business will need to visit the website and complete the steps documented on the following webpage:

A video demonstrating the process is also available here: Find out how to link your myGovID to your business in Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM)

These steps include:

  • log into RAM using your myGovID digital identity
  • select Link my business – you will be redirected to the ATO to find your business or businesses
  • add your postal or residential address (as held by the ATO) and click Continue
  • select the business or businesses (where you are an eligible individual associate in the ABR) that you wish to link from the list and click Continue
  • enter an email address and click Send Email to receive an authorisation code (the email address can be different to the one used to set up your digital identity, for example a work email address). Enter the code and then click Verify and Continue   
  • view the summary of the selected business or businesses and select the checkbox to declare you understand and accept. Click Submit  
  • a message will display confirming your business is successfully linked. Click Continue.


Next Steps

Once you have successfully linked your business in the RAM website, the next steps will differ depending on how you access your VETtrak system.

You must first upgrade to VETtrak version 20.1 or later if you haven't already.

If you are a VETtrak Hosted customer, you will need to create a Notification within the RAM website.

To get started, please view this article:

If you are a VETtrak Local Customer, you will need to create a Machine Credential that VETtrak will use to liaise with USI service.

To get started, please view this article:

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