Process: Creating a Self-Service Report

In the Self-Service Reports Manager, browse the available report templates by expanding an award category and selecting a report template to preview it:

Press the "Add self-service report" mceclip9.png button, or right-click the template and select "Add self-service report", to create a new report based on the selected template.mceclip0.png

Each template contains picture and text block elements that you can customise. Select a picture or text block to customise by selecting it in the tree in the middle, or clicking it in the preview. The selected element will be indicated in the preview with a red border if "Highlight selected report element" is ticked.

For a picture element, you can choose whether it is visible and you can customise its size and position.

You can load your own image file into it by pressing the relevant button:

Navigate to the image file and select it:

Then press Apply Changes:


For a text block element, select it to begin customising:

You can choose whether it is visible, customise its font, size, colour, style and alignment:mceclip11.png

Then press Apply Changes:mceclip12.png


After making any changes to an element, you will need to press the "Apply changes" button to update the preview with your changes. Changes are also automatically applied if you select a different report element.

If required, you can use the Reset to default values button to remove your customisations from the selected report element and revert it back to its initial settings from the template.

Note: You can change the font of all the text blocks in the template at once by selecting the "Text" root node in the tree.

When you are happy with your changes, enter a name for the report at the top of the screen, and press the Save button to save your report. Your report will appear in the Report Tree on the left underneath the template. You can edit an existing report by selecting it in the tree.


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