Logging in to VETtrak for the First Time

This article covers logging into the VETtrak Software itself - If you are a hosted customer, you will require to sign into your VETtrak Hosting Launcher first to access the VETtrak Hosting Environment. For details on how to do this, please see our Accessing a VETtrak Hosted Version (PC) and Accessing A VETtrak Hosted Version (Mac) articles.

If you are already logged into your hosted environment, follow the steps below to access the VETtrak Software!

To log in to VETtrak and start making use of the software, Locate the VETtrak icon on your desktop, and double click to open it:

As a brand new VETtrak user, your software will need to be configured with it's Registration key:

Press Ok to display the Registration Key Wizard:

In this section, make sure to enter your Company name as it was provided to VETtrak when purchasing the product.

Also make use of the Paste button to enter the Registration Key copied from your welcome email.

Press Next to display the Finish screen:

Press Finish - VETtrak will now display the Set Up First User Wizard:

This process will establish yourself within the VETtrak system as it's primary user. Start by entering your First/Given name, followed by your Surname.

Press Next to continue - this will display the Email and Password screen:

To begin with, enter an Email address to serve as your VETtrak username.

Following this, select a password - ensuring it is 8 characters long.

Press Next to continue:

This screen will show you a summary of what you have entered so far.

If any details need to be changed, press the BACK button and enter the desired details.

If you are happy with the entered information, press Finish.

The VETtrak Login window will now display, requesting a Username/Email and Password:

Enter the details you just created, and you will now be accessing the VETtrak software!


Important Details

If you wish to explore the option of having multiple users logging in to VETtrak, and have the licences to accommodate this, you can make use of VETtrak Security to create User Accounts and Assign them to Roles within the system. For more information, please see our Manage Users article.

For a more broad overview of VETtrak Security and it's features, please feel free to check out our VETtrak Security Section of the Help Centre: VETtrak Security


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