Performing a Minor VETtrak Update

If your VETtrak is hosted with us, please contact to arrange your update. This article is only relevant if your VETtrak is locally installed.

For details on performing a standard VETtrak Update, we recommend using the following article: VETtrak Software Update

Updates to VETtrak are released on a regular basis, so you should check for updates at least once a month.   Check for updates in the Preferences screen, which is accessed via File > Global preferences, or by clicking on the icon on the toolbar. Select VETtrak version from the menu on the left-hand side.

  1. The version you are currently running is shown here.
  2. The most current available version is shown here.
  3. URL for VETtrak update.  Do not change this.
  4. Click this button to check if there is a more recent version available.

For minor updates

Minor updates can be loaded directly from the Preferences screen.  If the available update is a minor one, this message will be displayed:

Click Yes and the autoupdater will be launched.  Click Start download and the update will be downloaded and installed for you.

For major updates

Major updates cannot be performed from within VETtrak.  If a major update is available, you will receive a message directing you to download the update from the VETtrak website.  Instructions for downloading and installing these updates can be found here: Performing A VETtrak Software Update

After performing the update, go to the Help > About, and click on the Show release notes button.  This will bring up a text file outlining all the changes that have been made to the software.

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