Award Types

Award Types are used to categorise the different types of awards you might issue to your students. The two main types are ‘Certificate’ and ‘Statement of Attainment’, which have special meaning in the VET sector. The types of Award you set up can affect your AVETMISS reporting.

Award type* - This is your own name for the type of award. This will be the name that your administration staff select in VETtrak when creating an award for a student.

Code - This is your own code to differentiate between the award types, and will be displayed next to the award in VETtrak to provide this info at a glance.

Type of award* - This allows you to select the type of award that will be issued. This generally aligns with the definitions under the Australian Qualifications Framework. The option you select will affect your AVETMISS reporting. 

  • Certificate - The student has completed a full qualification under a national training package, listed on
  • Statement - The student has completed individual units, or partially completed a full qualification. This type can be used for Statements of Attainment and Records of Results.
  • Other - The student is being issued an award that does not have an outcome under the AQF. This could be a certificate for non-accredited study, a statement of attendance, an industry licence or a student card, for example.

Options - Additional settings for this award type.

  • This award type does not require a qualification or course to be selected - Generally only used for Statements of Attainment, this option will turn on/off a VETtrak validation which requires every award to have a qualification or course selected. If ticked, you will be able to create an award for standalone units that have not been delivered under a course or qualification.
  • Make this award type the default option for new awards - Only one award type can have this option set, ticking this box will mean that when you create a new award it will default to this type (but can be changed). This can be changed to suit your needs depending on which type of award you issue most often.
  • Do not make this award type available for use - Ticking this box will ‘archive’ the award type, meaning it can no longer be selected when creating awards. This will not affect existing awards of this type.

Description - Area where you can add your own notes for this award type.

 *             Indicates a mandatory field.

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