Employer Bank Account

Bank Account details can be added to Employers within VETtrak.

To add Bank Account information to an employer, look them up within the Employer Manager and right-click the Bank Account heading to select Add bank account:

This will display the Bank Account Wizard:

Within this area, you can add the following information:

  • Select a Country that reflects the location of the banking provider.
  • Enter the Bank name.
  • Specify the Branch name.
  • Detail the Account name.
  • If possible, list an Accounts Email for who oversees the account.
  • In the BSB & Account Number section, enter the exact details of the bank accounts identifier information. You can also tick whether the account is considered GST payable.
  • If the banking details have a relevant SWIFT code, enter it in this area.
  • Finally, enter any General ledger (GL) account details you may require.

With this information entered, press Next and Finish to save the record for this Employer.

This will then be saved as a record and display within the Information panel of the Employer Manager like so:

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