Entering Your VETtrak Registration Key

When you open VETtrak for the first time after installing the program, you will likely see a message like the following:

Pressing OK will prompt VETtrak to open the Registration Key Wizard, so you can input your VETtrak Registration Information, Including your Company Name and VETtrak Registration Key - This should be included in your initial sales confirmation email.

If you do not have these details immediately available, the Primary Contact of your company can contact our support@vettrak.io email to retrieve the information.

The Registration Key Wizard appears like so:

  1. Enter the name of your company here. It must be entered EXACTLY as it appears in your registration email.
  2. Copy the Registration Key from your registration email and click the Paste Button to insert the key here.
  3. Click Next and Finish to save these details.

Immediately upon entering your details, the key is checked and an error will be shown if the key is invalid. If an error message is displayed, stating that the key is invalid, check the company name to ensure it is exactly as shown in the documentation from VETtrak Pty Ltd, including any punctuation and capital letters.


Additional Information

If you ever need to Update your Registration Key for any reason, you can do so after logging in to the VETtrak software, by going to the File menu and selecting Global Preferences.

Select the Registration Key option on the left hand side:

The Update Key Manually button will let you paste a copied key into VETtrak, while the Update Key Automatically button will retrieve your Registration key directly from VETtrak.

We recommend doing a regular Update Key Automatically after paying your annual support, as this will import your new Support Expiry date. 

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