Getting API Details for VETenrol

In order to finalise set up of your VETenrol, we require you to provide the following:

  • The URL to the vt_api.asmx file; and
  • Credentials of a user with API privileges. This user is recommended to be newly created specifically for this purpose.

These instructions assume the API has already been installed and set up. If this is not the case and your VETtrak database is not hosted with us, please see the series of documents on API Installation. Installation should be undertaken by an IT professional.

The first step is to check that your VETtrak is licensed for API Functions.

  • Choose File > Global Preferences.
  • Select Registration Keys.


  • If API Functions does not appear (as depicted in the screenshot above), click Update key automatically.

NOTE: If the automatic update does not add API Functions, please contact your VETtrak Pty Ltd Account Manager to a) purchase the API, or b) resolve the licensing issue.

This is also a good time to set the default payment details, which are necessary for accepting Web Enrolments:

  • Select General Preferences from the Preference items list on the left.
  • Choose the Invoice tab.

  • Select the Default location for payments from the drop-down menu.

NOTE: Even if you are not intending to use invoicing features in VETtrak, you will not be able to approve your web enrolments without a default option chosen here! The choice itself is not important, only that something is selected to be the default.



This URL provides the means for VETenrol to communicate with your VETtrak database.

NOTE: For clients with VETtrak Hosting, you do not need to supply this URL. Since your VETtrak database is hosted with us and the API installation is performed by us, your API URL will already be known to us.

The URL must be accessible to us via the Internet. This should be done by your IT professional as part of the API installation. VETtrak will advise if there are any issues with the URL supplied.

Once your API has been installed by your IT professional, you need to add the address to VETtrak.

  • Choose Manage > Web enrolments (or press F11 on your keyboard).


  • Click the Configure button.
  • Copy the URL into the VETtrak API location field, as depicted in the screenshot above (If you are a hosted customer this should have been entered for you).
  • Click on Test API Connection and a message similar to the following is displayed:


  • Now test the API URL by pasting it into the address bar of your browser.

For example: Try viewing the URL to our VETtrak demo ( to see the page that should be displayed.

NOTE: If you encounter any errors while testing the API Connection, please contact Support.


Credentials of a User with API Privileges

The first step is to create the user, then to use the security feature to assign the privileges.

  • Choose Create > Client from the menus (or press CTRL + F7 on your keyboard).


  • Enter a Surname, eg. User.
  • Enter a Given name, eg. API.
  • Select Division (only if required).
  • Tick the Is a staff member option.
  • Click Next.


  • The Username and Password fields will have been pre-filled when the surname was entered. These can be changed, or you can keep the generated ones.

    Please ensure the password has at least eight characters minimum and includes a combination of upper and lower-case letters, and at least one number.

    Make note of the Username and Password, as these are the credentials that need to be provided to VETtrak for your VETenrol set-up. The password will be hidden once the wizard is complete.
  • Untick any Web portal access options that have been ticked by default.
  • Click Next through to the final step.
  • Untick Edit personal information for this client, then click Finish.

Now the user exists, we can set the API privileges.

  • Choose Manage > Security from the menus (or press F10 on your keyboard).


  • Expand Application/Role management.
  • Expand API VETtrak.
  • Expand VETtrak API default role.
  • Right-click Assigned users and choose Assign users to role.

This will open the Assign Users to Role Wizard:


  • Enter a few letters in the Surname search field, eg. api if you've used API as the surname.
  • Double click the Staff member listed on the left to add them to Selected staff on the right.
  • Click Next and Finish.

You can now send the URL and the user's credentials to VETtrak for your VETenrol set-up to be finalised.

If a SendSafely link has not already been provided for you to send your credentials to us securely, please request one. Please do not supply credentials via email; these will be immediately redacted for your security.

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