Staff Assisted Booking

This feature allows for a staff member to register a client into a course on the client's behalf. It may be as part of a phone call or over-the-counter interaction for a client that does not have an appropriate device, internet access or the confidence to register themselves.

The feature is available via the VETenrol Admin Booking icon menu item in the VETenrol Admin header. It steps through the process beginning with selecting the course.

VETenrol Admin - Staff Assisted Booking

The steps are:

  • Course
  • Client
  • Address & Contact Details
  • Data Collection for USI and AVETMISS
  • Custom Questions (if any exist)
  • Registration Notes

The entire process must be completed for the record to be created.

Navigating away from or refreshing the booking page will result in any entered data being lost.


The staff booking process is not based on the registration processes VETenrol offers to users and Admin settings for those do not apply to Staff Assisted Bookings.

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