Email Alerts

VETenrol Admin Config Card for Preferences Settings for Email Alerts are accessed from the Configuration (VETenrol Admin Icon Config) page in the VETenrol Admin, via the link under VETenrol Admin Preferences.

These settings relate to automated email notifications for staff members regarding user activity.

VETenrol Admin Email Alerts

Features of the Email Alerts page:

  • Mail Server button — Navigate to the Integration page for SMTP Server details and mail settings.
  • Save button — Click to commit changes made to the settings.

The settings are divided into the following sections:

Each section has an option to enable email alerts for the activity type related to the section. When enabled, the email address where the alert should be sent must be entered. Multiple email addresses for the one type can be included by separating each address with a semi-colon.

In the case of the Registrations section, there is also an option for Staff Member Alerts where an email will be sent to the staff member(s) assigned to the occurrence in VETtrak each time someone registers.

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