Performing Actions On Your Data Insights Query Output

Data Insights differs from VETtrak reports in the sense that once you have collected your results, you can then choose what you wish to do with them!

There are a number of actions that can be performed on the query results, for example:

  • Update Enrolment Status 
  • Run a Report on the exported details
  • Send an Email or SMS to the people listed in your output
  • Quick-create Invoices for Pricing Items
  • Add the retrieved Clients to a Group
  • Update a particular VETtrak Field related to the exported details
  • Reset user Passwords
  • Add Events
  • Add File Notes

...And many more, with more actions being added regularly as part of VETtrak updates. 

The actions you can perform are dependent on the Query On option selected for your query, for example - you can only update Enrolment Status when performing a query that will retrieve Enrolment Details.

Similar to when you created your query, try and follow the rule of thumb - Select the best 'Query on' option that relates to your intended Action.


Performing an Action

Once you have run a Query and displayed some Results, you can then choose to perform a relevant Action.

From the Results tab, you can press the Action button to display a list of options available:

Many of the actions available in this area mirror functionality that appears in other parts of VETtrak, such as the ability to send an SMS/Email or run a Report. This means that the actual process to complete this action will be familiar to anyone who has performed it elsewhere.

Some of the actions may have some slightly unique options to best take advantage of your Query results - for clarification some of these are detailed as follows:

Add Event

Under the Action menu, select Add Event:

This will display the Add Event wizard, to configure the Event for the Client(s) returned from your Query:

Within this area, enter the appropriate information you require - such as:

  1. Select an Event Type to be assigned to your Clients
  2. Select a Staff Member to be considered responsible for the Events completion.
  3. The area to link a Contract/Enrolment to the Event is greyed out, as it will be assigned to the Enrolment retrieved by your Query as a standard.
  4. You can use the Event Dates/Status area to toggle times and dates for the Event.
  5. Document Reference allows you to associate a particular document with this Event should you require.
  6. Description if required.

Pressing Finish will then display the Confirmation window:

Press Yes to create the Events!

Auto-create Invoice

Under the Action menu, select Auto create invoice:

This will display a message detailing how many invoices will be created, as an alert:

If the number of invoices to be created does not match what you intend, you can press No to return to your exported list and untick any clients you do not wish to create an invoice for:

You can then select Auto create invoice to return to this process.

You can then press Yes to display the Created Invoices!

Reset Passwords

Under the Action menu, select Reset Passwords:

This will display a window providing the options for how you wish to action the pasword reset:

Once you have selected an option you can then press Finish to action the password reset.

Send Email/SMS

Under the Action menu, select either Send Email or Send SMS:

Sending an Email will first display an option to select which email contacts are to be emailed:

From here you can then choose whether you wish to manually enter the details of your email, or make use of a pre-existing email template:

With this done, this would then display the Email wizard ready to prepare/send your email.


Sending an SMS will immediately display the SMS wizard for the selected clients:

Configure the SMS as you require, then simply press Send Messages to action the SMS.

Update Dates

This functionality will only work for selected enrolments with identical start and finish dates.

Under the Action menu, select Update dates:

The bulk update wizette will display, allowing the option to select a new Start Date and/or End Date for the selected enrolments:

Note: If the selected enrolments do not have matching dates, the following error will display:

Update Field

Under the Action menu, select Update field:

This will display the Bulk Update Field Wizette:

The option within this area will differ depending on the Query on selected to run your query - as VETtrak can only update particular fields relevant to your query.

Drop down the Field to update option and select the field you wish to update:

This window will then display the most efficient option to make that change - such as allowing a tickbox if the option requires a tick, or a drop down selection of options available from your database. If a field simply require text/numeric entry, it will provide a field to type the new entry in.

For your selection, you can press the Info button on the right hand side to display a short pop-out explanation of what the field is used for:

Once you have entered the details you require, press Finish to save this information.

Add File Notes

This functionality will allow you to add File Notes in Bulk to the collected data items you have retrieved.

Under the Action menu, select Update dates:

This will display the Bulk Add File Note Wizette:

Once you have entered the details you require, press Finish to save this information.


For the most part, all Actions should be relatively straight forward to perform - we do however urge any users to make sure that their Query has returned the most accurate Results before performing an Action - like all parts of VETtrak, a warning will display that the edit/action you are about to perform does not have the opportunity to be easily undone!

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