Auto-process Web Reservations received via VETenrol

VETenrol registrations that reach Web Enrolments within VETtrak can be automatically processed. This means staff will not have to review the entry in Web Enrolments and approve it.

When automatic processing is enabled, the following matching logic is applied when processing:

  • If the web client has an USI and an existing client with that exact USI is found, it will match to that existing client.
  • Otherwise, if an existing client is found with the exact given name, surname and DOB of the web client, then it will match to that existing client. The web client and the existing client MUST have a DOB specified for this rule to apply.
  • Otherwise, it will create a new client.
  • For unmatched web employers, it will attempt to match on employer name.

This feature is enabled by:

  • ticking the Auto Process option in the Miscellaneous section of Site Settings in the VETenrol Admin.
  • editing the Publish Options for an occurrence in VETtrak and ticking the Auto-process web reservations checkbox.



See also: Auto-process (Site Settings: Miscellaneous)


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