Selecting Programmes for a Discount Code

Discount Codes can be used during registration to discount the price for the course and can be redeemed during any standard or rapid registration, however a code can be set so it applies to:

  • Any programme — Unrestricted usage.
    The code is valid and the discount will be applied for occurrences of any programme into which a user may register, providing the code has not expired.
  • Selected programmes — Restricted usage.
    The code will only be valid if it is used to register for a pre-approved list of programmes and/or occurrences as set in the Admin, and has not expired.

This option to set what a code Applies To is managed from the VETenrol Admin using the Discount Codes page, which is available via Discount Settings from the Configuration () page.

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Setting the Applies To value for a Code

The Applies To value for a code determines if it can be used without restrictions and must be set to Selected programmes to impose programme based restrictions. This value can be changed at any time.


Changing from Selected programmes to Any programme will result in the list of selected programmes set for the code being removed on save.  Swapping to Selected programmes again will mean any previous entries associated with that code will no longer exist.

To change the Applies To option for an existing Code:

VETenrol Admin Discount Codes

  • Click theCode link to edit an existing code.
  • Choose the Selected Programmes Only (or Any Programme) option for Applies To from the Discount Details popup.
  • Click Save.

The list will be updated to show the new value, and any other relevant changes made at the same time.

Choosing the Selected Programmes for a Code

Discount Codes that apply to Selected programmes allow those programmes and/or occurrence IDs to be viewed and managed from the Discount Programmes page.

VETenrol Admin Discount Codes List Selected Programmes link

  • Click the Selected programmes link.

This will open the Discounted Programmes page for the discount code.

VETenrol Admin Discounted Programmes

There will not be any entries for the discount code at first, however once entries exist they can be managed from the list.

While there is no list for a discount code it will not be able to be used.

Adding a new entry to the list

Click the New button (or Create new link) to open the Discount Course pop-up.


  • Use Type to choose either Programme or Occurrence to specify for what the code will be valid.
    This setting will determine the label and expected input for the field below it:
    • Programme Name — Enter the exact name of the programme, search results should appear for selection after a few letters have been entered. The code will be valid for any occurrence of this programme.
    • Occurrence ID — Enter the occurrence ID of the occurrence for which the code is valid. The code will only be valid for that specific occurrence (unless other entries exist or are created later).
    • For assistance to identify the name or ID to enter, see the API Summary Report

  • Click the Save button.

The entry has now been set and will appear in the list. Repeat these steps to create additional entries as needed.

Managing the list

The Discounted Programmes page is used to set and manage the programmes and/or occurrence IDs that are valid for use with the discount code.

Existing entries can be managed from the list:

  • Programme/Occu ID link — Show the Discount Course popup to edit the existing list entry.
  • X iconDelete link — permanently removes the entry.

If there is no list for a code, it cannot be used yet as there are no approved programmes or occurrences.

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