Discount Codes

Discount Codes is a feature that allow users to enter a code during registration that, if valid, will discount the price for the course. Discount Codes are applicable globally and can be redeemed as part of any standard or rapid registration, however they are not enabled by default.

This feature is managed from the VETenrol Admin using the Discount Settings link via Configuration () under Payment Settings.

This article is focused on the VETenrol Admin and covers:

Enabling Discount Codes in the VETenrol Admin

Navigate to the Discount Settings page in the VETenrol Admin via Configuration ().

VETenrol Admin Discount Settings

The Discounts section is used to enable the use of discount codes for VETenrol.

When Allow discount codes is ticked, users will have the opportunity to enter a discount code during registration to adjust the pricing before finishing the registration.

Standard Registration Process Confirm Step

Rapid Register

The Standard Registration process includes the Discount Code field at the Confirm step in the Payment Options section, whereas the Rapid Registration process shows it in the Course Details section of the Register page.

Navigating and using the Discount Codes page

Navigate to the Discount Settings page in the VETenrol Admin via Configuration ().

VETenrol Admin Discount Settings

  • Click either Discount Codes or the Manage Codes the button in the Discounts section.

This will open the Discount Codes page.

There are two key aspects of the Discount Codes page:

  1. Navigation buttons
    • New — Show the Discount Details popup to create a new code.
    • Discount Settings — open the page to manage discount settings. 
    • Group Discounts — open the page to manage volume breaks for Group Bookings
  2. Discount Code list
    The list will not display until at least one code has been created, until then there will be a link to Create a new discount code, which functions the same as the New button.

Use the Discounts Page for:

Creating a Discount Code

To create a discount code:

  • Click the New button to open the Discount Details popup.

VETenrol Admin Discount Details Popup

  1. Complete the required details:
    • Enter the Code. This is the text that must be entered by a user to receive the discount.
    • Choose the Type of discount. The field for the value will be labelled accordingly.
      • Percentage Off — the value is the percentage by which the price will be discounted.
      • Amount Off — the value is a set dollar amount deducted from the price.
      • New Amount — applies the value as the new total price.
        Note: The New Amount type is NOT supported by the Shopping Cart when the discount applies to Any Programme. The discount code will not be recognised.
    • Enter the value as an integer or decimal. Do not include the percent or dollars symbols when inputting the number. For example: 10 for ten percent or ten dollars, 0.5 for half a percent or 50 cents.
    • Choose the option for Applies to to identify if the code is valid when entered for all programmes, or only for specific programmes.
  2. Optionally, choose your expiry and limited use options:
    • Expiry (Date) — enter a date for when the code expires. Clicking the field will present a calendar for choosing the date, or type the date in the format of dd/mm/yyyy.
    • Expiry (# uses) — enter a number representing how many times the discount code can be used before it expires.
    • Email Address — enter an email address to limit all discounts for the code to a specific email. This can be used on its own to indefinitely apply a discount to any or selected programmes, or together with the expiry options.
  3. Use the Notes field to enter any extra details regarding the code.
    Eg. a code for an advert appearing in the newspaper for the week beginning 21/08/2017.
  4. Click the Save button.

The newly created code appear in the Discount Code list. To add more codes, repeat the above steps. 

Managing Discount Codes

Navigate to the Discount Codes page in the VETenrol Admin using the button or Manage Codes link from the Discount Settings page available via Configuration ().

VETenrol Admin Discount Codes

Management features of the Discount Codes list:

  1. Code link — Show the Discount Details popup to edit the existing code
  2. Selected programmes link — Assign which programmes the discount code applies to.
  3. X iconDelete link — permanently removes the code.

For more about Discount Codes and the Applies To value, please continue reading!
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