Updating AVETMISS Fields

Certain fields within VETtrak are derived from the National AVETMISS standard and are required to be kept up to date. To do this, VETtrak makes use of a NCVER Web Service to compare your current VETtrak data and import any mission information.

We recommend performing this process whenever a VETtrak version update is applied to your software.

To update your AVETMISS fields, select AVETMISS > Update AVETMISS fields

  1. Click the Update VETtrak button and the process will commence.
    Optional: Tick Update all records to force a check and update of existing information
  2. A message will be shown before the process begins, alerting you that this process could take some time depending on how much data is required to be imported:

  3. As the wizard progresses with the update, red text will alert you to what information is currently being imported, while the grid will populate with details relating to the imported data:

  4. A message will display when the Update has completed:

  5. You can review the imported details by expanding the right-hand side fields to display more details:



If errors or warnings are encountered during the import, a message will display upon the end of the process:

Fields that contain alerts will be highlighted in the Status column on the left hand side. The field will turn Yellow for a Warning or Red for an Error, and you can expand this coloured box for details regarding the nature of the alert.

Once complete, press Close to exit the wizard.

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