Delivery Strategies

Delivery strategies are chosen when recording results, the available strategies are set in the Configuration Manager. It is a requirement in Western Australia, but optional in all other states.

Open the Configuration Manager by choosing Manage > Configuration from the menu. The Configuration Manager displays an alphabetically ordered explorer tree.


Adding a new Delivery Strategy


  • Right-click Delivery strategies and choose Add new delivery strategy.

This will open the Delivery Strategy Wizard:

  • Enter a Code for the strategy.
  • Enter a Name for the strategy.
  • This delivery strategy is archived indicates if the cost type should be archived. If enabled, the cost type will be added/moved to the Archived delivery strategies branch.
  • Optionally provide a Description for the strategy.
  • Click Next and then Finish.


Editing an existing Delivery Strategy

  • Expand Delivery strategies.
  • Right-click the type and choose Edit delivery strategy.

This will open the Delivery Strategy Wizard, where you can make changes.


Deleting a Delivery Strategy

  • Expand Delivery Strategies.
  • Right-click the strategy and choose Delete delivery strategy.
  • Click Yes when asked to confirm the delete.

If an error occurs, the strategy has likely been used previously and is included in historical data. In this case, you will need to archive the strategy to remove it from active use.


Viewing the Delivery Strategy report

  • Right-click Delivery strategies and choose Show delivery strategy report.

The report will be displayed in a new tab/window.

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