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The Close Dates feature is used to change when registrations close for occurrences. The default close date for registrations is the start date of the occurrence, however using Close Dates, this date can be overridden by specifying the number of days prior to the start date that registrations should close. Close Dates are applied based on the programme name.

VETenrol Admin Config Card for Standard SettingsThe interface to manage Close Dates is provided in the VETenrol Admin via Configuration (VETenrol Admin Icon for Config) using the link under Standard Settings.

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Feature Requirements

Close Dates apply to both Standard and Rapid, however the requirements are slightly different for each.


For Close Dates to apply, there are two relevant settings in your VETenrol Admin. Both of these are in the Course Display category of Standard Settings:

  1. Show registration close dates - The Registration Closes date must be showing for your occurrences. This option, under Occurrence Details, should be ticked.
  2. Allow register after start date - Registering in expired occurrences should not be permitted. This option, under Occurrence Display, should not be ticked and will be ignored if it is.


The Courses page used for Rapid Registrations does not display Registration close dates to users, however they do apply. Occurrences where the close date has passed will disable the register button and label it Closed.

Direct links to the Rapid Registration process will redirect users attempting to register after the Close Date to the Course Closed page.

  • Allow registering after start date - this Rapid setting will override Close Dates in favour of the end date of the last class (or occurrence end date if there are no classes). This behaviour applies for both the Courses widget and direct links.

Close Dates in the VETenrol Admin

Open the Close Dates page in the VETenrol Admin via the link in Configuration.

  • The New button — Opens a pop-up to create a new close date.
  • The Close Dates List — Displays the existing close date records and allows them to be managed. The list will not appear until there is at least one record.

Creating a Close Date

To create a new close date record, click the New button on the Close Dates page. This will open the Close Date pop-up.

VETenrol Admin Close Date Popup

  1. Programme Name — Type the name of the programme in the field provided.
    • Entering a few letters should display search results for selection.
    • Leave the field blank if you want the close date/time to apply to all programmes.
  2. # Days — Enter the number of Days to close registrations before the start of an occurrence.
    • For example: Entering 1 will set registrations to close one day BEFORE the start date. Enter -5 to have registration close five days AFTER the start of the occurrence.
  3. Time — Optionally enter a time for registrations to close. A slider is provided to help select the time.
    • For example: Entering 1 for # Days and 2:00 pm for the time will set registrations to close at 2pm, on the day before the occurrence start date.
  4. Click the Save button.

The newly created close date will be added to the Close Dates list, displaying the applicable programme, number of days and time for the entry.

Managing Close Dates

The Close Dates list displays an entry for each existing record and allows for the management of those close dates.

VETenrol Admin Close Dates List

  • Modify a record by clicking the ID number with the Edit icon.
    This will open the Close Date pop-up prefilled with the details for editing.
  • Permanently remove a record from the list by clicking the corresponding Xdelete link.
    A deleted record cannot be restored, it will need to be re-created if it has been deleted in error.

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