Adjust Payment Plan

Once a Payment Plan has been confirmed by the client, some providers (such as Ezidebit) allow the ability to adjust certain parts of it should the situation change.

The adjust a payment plan, right click on an invoice with a confirmed payment plan and select Adjust Payment Plan:


This will display the Adjust Payment Plan Account Wizard:

  1. Payment Plan Provider displays the configured Payment Plan Provider that is in use for this eDDR.
  2. Invoice Number reflects the invoice this payment plan is attached to.
  3. Invoicee displays the invoiced clients name.
  4. Adjustment Options reflect the different aspects of the payment plan available to be changed, including:
    • Adjust Account Start Date will amend the start date of the eDDR account.
    • Adjust Account Next Payment Date will amend the next payment period.
    • Adjust Account Total Value will amend the owed amount for this invoice, that is to be paid via eDDR.


Press Next and Finish to save the changes.

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