Using the API Summary Report

The API Summary provides a list of programmes and their occurrences, as obtained through VETtrak. These are provided for reference and can be useful for obtaining names, IDs and links.

The report contains each available programme, information on each occurrence within a programme and finally pricing information for each occurrence.

For example: The following summary report depicts one programme with a single occurrence that has two price types, and finally a single programme without any published occurrences that have a start date in the near future.


  1. There is a small selection of controls for the Summary Report.
    1. Workflow sets the type of URL you want.
      • Standard is the default registration type.
      • Kalendar shows links to the calendar (with the course list).
      • Rapid Registration shows direct links for rapid registration.
      • Website Widget shows the iFrame source link for the Courses Page, which will trigger Rapid Registrations (if the feature is enabled).
    2. Include ALT CSS allows you to enable and then specify which branding style you need for the links. This is disabled by default. When enabled, An ALT CSS value of:
      • 1 is typically for course-specific branding. Ideal if you want links to programmes or occurrences.
      • is typically iFrame branding.

        VETenrol Standard (without altCSS)

        ALT CSS unticked
        (This is NOT altCSS=0, which removes all branding)

        VETenrol Standard with altCSS=1

        ALT CSS set to 1

        VETenrol Standard with AltCSS=2

        ALT CSS set to 2

    3. Show all occurrences can be enabled to include expired published occurrences in the list.
  2. The link to the programme (e.g Basic Computers) is the first record of that programme name, with the least other information in the table. This is a course-specific link where users can browse the occurrences for the programme, but no other programmes will be available.
  3. If the programme has published occurrences, the link to the occurrence with the most recent start date will be listed (If Show all occurrences is enabled this will be the oldest start date). This is a direct link to register in the occurrence. No other programmes or occurrences will be accessible, but it will give users a choice of pricing, if available.
  4. Then the links for each price type available for that occurrence are listed. These are also direct links to register in the occurrence, but a link that includes a price type will pre-select that pricing for the user, making other pricing inaccessible.
  5. Once all of the occurrences and all of the price types for each occurrence have been listed, the next programme will start.


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