Creating Divisions

VETtrak initially comes with a single standard division, called the the Root division. The Root division serves as a master/parent division to all other divisions. If a User is provided access to the Root division, they will inherit access to all child divisions under it.


All new divisions will automatically be subdivisions/children of the Root division. You can have as many levels in your division hierarchy as you want, with each new division created under a division heading of your choice.


Adding a New Division

To add a new child division, right-click on Root division and select Add new child division.


This will display the Division Wizard:


  • Give the division a Name.
  • Give the division a Code. (Optional) 
  • Select the Parent Division (you would not normally need to set this, as it is automatically filled with the division from which you launched the wizard).
  • Add a Description or Notes for this division. (Optional) 



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