Custom Report Request Examples - Award Certificate and Record of Results

This article is designed to provide an example of an ideal custom report request for a certificate type award.

Note: Where specific information is not specified our report writers will write your report using the most common award report setup.

The below image is an example of a Certificate and Record of Results.

These word documents can be downloaded from the below links.

Certificate - VTSample.docx 

Record of Results - VTSample.docx


Data Capture Logic

Data capture logic can be described in your report request description or included in a supporting document along with your template.

Example 1: Only run for client awards where the Award type selected in the Award Wizard has Certificate set as the Type of award.

Example 2: Only include units with a completed result type such as Competent, RPL or Credit Transfer and exclude units with other results such as withdrawn.


Merge Fields

You can define your merge fields by using comments in your word document template or by providing a supporting document along with your template. 

The below examples use comments in a word document to describe the merge fields.  You can turn on the comments panel in Word under the Review tab in your ribbon by selecting Show Comments.

Highlight a section of your template and select New Comment to add a comment.

The comment should include the wizard where the information can be found in VETtrak and the specific field in the wizard that contains the information you want merged into the report.  A screen snippet of the field in VETtrak helps show where the information should merge from. 

Example 1: The First Name, Middle Name and Surname to be merged from the Client Wizard from the fields Surname, Other Names and Surname.

Example 2: The qualification code and name are merged from the Award Wizard from the field Training package qualifications.

Example 3: The Date Completed, Date Issued and Parchment Number is merged from the Award Wizard from the fields Date Completed, Date Issued and Parchment.

Unit Listing

Units will be listed from top to bottom in whatever order you specify. 

  • Example 1: Order the unit list alphabetically by unit code.
  • Example 2: Order the unit list by unit Start Date from the Enrolment Results Wizard then alphabetically by unit code.
  • Example 3: Order the unit list by the Sequence from the Training Plan Wizard.

The record of results template you provide should show the maximum number of units you expect to need to print on your record of results.  If unit exceeds the space available on the page it's a good idea to specify what you want the report to do.

Example 1: When there are too many units to display on the record of results continue listing the units on another page with the record of results header and footer repeated on each page.

Example 2: When displaying more than X number of units reduce the font size of the units to allow more units to fit.


Conditional Formatting

You may have different versions of a similar certificate with very minor differences.  Rather than set up different files for similar certificates it is possible for a report to check the data and show or hide certain information depending on the data.

Example 1: The highlighted text will only appear for contract enrolments (apprentice/trainees).



You may want to control the signatory of your awards to ensure your award is future proof when staff change within your company. One way this can be achieved is to create a Staff Type with the name of Signatory, you could then tick this staff type in the Client Wizard for the the staff member who you want to allocate as the signatory. The signature image can also be stored in the right hand image slot in the Client Personal Wizard. The report can then use this staff member name and signature image to display on the report.



When you want to change the signatory (such as when a CEO changes) you can remove Signatory staff type from the staff member in VETtrak and allocate this staff type to a new staff member who you want to set as the signatory.

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