Report Scheduler: Scheduling Reports Using the VETtrak Report Scheduler

The VETtrak Report Scheduler is an optional feature that allows you to have a custom report automatically run at specified dates and times without user intervention. The report output file can be saved to a location of your choice, and / or emailed to a recipient of your choice.

There are two parts to the Scheduler:

  • The scheduler service which runs as a Windows Service. This should be installed by your IT staff.
  • The VETtrak Report Scheduler feature, which allows you to set up the report schedules in VETtrak.

If you are hosted with VETtrak, we will install the Report Scheduler for you. If you have not used the Report Scheduler before, you'll need to request for it to be activated for your organisation before proceeding.

Scheduling Reports

To schedule reports, go to Utility > Schedule reports. The Report Schedule Wizard will open:

  1. Click the Add button to add a new scheduled report. The Report Schedule Item Wizard will open:

  2. Enter a name for the scheduled report. This will be used as the name of the output file, so make sure it clearly identifies what the report is.
  3. Enter the first date you want the report to run.
  4. Enter the last date that you want the report to run.
  5. Indicate what time you want the report to run.
  6. Indicate how often you want the report to run. For example, if you wanted it to run every day, you would select Daily as the Interval Units, and leave the Interval at 1. To run a report quarterly (every three months), you would select Monthly as the Interval Units and 3 as the Interval.
  7. Select the format that you want to receive the report in. This can be a PDF or CSV file.
  8. The output file will be given a name consisting of a date/time stamp and the report name. If you want to have any characters appended to the beginning or end of the file name, you can enter this here.
  9. The date and time that the report is next due to run are displayed here. You can use the Calc button to recalculate this, but normally this would not be needed.
  10. Navigate to the location of the report you want to run.
  11. If any parameters need to be entered for this report, you will receive instructions from OzSoft when they deliver your customised report. Otherwise leave this section blank. See the Report Parameters section for an example.
  12. You can have the report saved to a location of your choice, and / or emailed to to a chosen recipient. Tick the box(es) to indicate your preference.
  13. If you are saving the report, navigate to the location of the folder where you want it saved.
  14. If you are having the report emailed, select the person you want it emailed to. The email recipient must be a client in VETtrak.
  15. If you are having the report emailed, select the email template that will determine the text of the email. These are set up in the Configuration Manager under Merge templates > Email templates.
    Click Next and Finish, and the report schedule will now appear in the grid, as shown below:

  16. Click the Test button to run the report now. This will immediately save / email the report to the specified location / recipient.
  17. Click Edit to open to the Report Schedule Item Wizard again.
  18. Click the red cross to delete a schedule. This cannot be undone and will also remove any log file entries pertaining to that schedule.



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