Customising layouts

Most of the managers in VETtrak provide users with a measure of control over the layout of the interface. Individual users can set their layout preferences for the Dashboard and various managers.

If layouts are supported, the layout buttons will be available in the bottom right:

  • Save layout will store the layout for the current user and the saved layout will be presented any time the manager is open (even after restarting VETtrak). You will be prompted to confirm the save.
  • Clear layout will reset the layout to the original VETtrak layout. You will be prompted to confirm the clear, and the manager will be closed.


Maximise and restore

Some sections can be maximised to take up the maximum available space in an area.

The  icon indicates a section can be maximised. Similarly, the  icon indicates a section can be restored to its original size.


Close a section

Some sections can be completely removed so they no longer appear at all.

Click the  icon to close the section. The section will be restored next time the manager is opened, unless the layout is saved.

NOTE: For saved layouts, closed sections can only be restored using the Clear layout button. This will also reset all other layout changes.


Moving sections

Most sections can be moved to various positions.

In order to move a section, click on the section's heading and drag the mouse (while still holding down the left mouse button).

Until the mouse is over one of the layout icons, the mouse cursor will be a  indicating an invalid position. Releasing the mouse button while the cursor is in that state will cancel the move.

In addition, when you move the mouse over another section, the icons for relative positioning will be displayed. Some positions may not be available for the area and those will be grey.

For example, moving the Filter section over the Unit Search section:

Compare the results of moving the Filter section to the bottom of the Qualifications area versus the bottom of the manager:




The Tabulate position is generally available when positioning sections within the same area.



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