VETtrak 22.1.0 Release Notes - 28/06/2022 (Updated 06/09/2022)

The most significant changes in VETtrak 22.1 are: File Type enhancements, Data Insights enhancement and the introduction of the QVault Integration.

Please Note: Unique Student Identifier

If you use USI functionality in VETtrak, you must update to VETtrak or later by:

  • 1 September 2022 if you create USIs through VETtrak with Drivers Licence identity documents for NSW, NT, ACT, TAS, WA or SA.
  • Otherwise, 14 July 2023, which is the date that version 4 of the USI web service will be decommissioned and no longer available

For more information: Make the move to USI Web Service Version 5


VETtrak Desktop

VETtrak Version - released Sept 2, 2022


  • NSW AVETMISS single name. In Generate State AVETMISS for NSW only, when reporting a single-name client in the NAT85 file, the single name will again be reported as both the Client first given name and Client family name fields.

Other changes

  • Sent email storage errors: When storing sent email attachments and inline images in cloud storage, a failure to store an inline image will no longer cause the attachments to not be stored. If an error occurs when storing attachments to cloud storage, the error message will now more clearly indicate that the email was sent but there was an issue recording the sent email.

VETtrak Version - released Aug 22, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Event Configuration: An error on the web portals page of the Event Wizard has been fixed.
  • Bulk Run Reports filename: In Run Reports, if a filename template is not used, the generated filename could contain illegal filename characters if they were entered in the mapped report name, causing an error when saving the file. This has now been fixed.


  • Vic NAT130 Date Program Completed validation: In the VIC NAT130 AVETMISS generation, a validation rule has been added to show an error if there is a Date Program Completed being reported for a Program Status Identifier of any of the following:
    • 30 In training
    • 40 Withdrawn - Official
    • 41 Withdrawn - Apparent
    • 42 Withdrawn - Deferred
    • 50 Completion of lower level of program
    • 70 Superseded program
    • 85 Not yet started
  • NAT85 single name: When reporting a single-name client in the NAT85 file for National generations and all states except VIC, the Client First Given Name is now reported as empty. For VIC, a single-name client will still be reported with a Client First Given Name of “NONE”. In both cases, the single name continues to be reported in the Client Family Name field.

USI Web Services Version 5

  • Changes have been made to cater for version 5 of the USI web services. A new Card Number field has been added to Drivers Licence identity documents, which is mandatory in NSW, NT, ACT, TAS, WA and SA.

Other changes

  • Dashboard events in progress: In the "Upcoming events assigned to me" section on the dashboard, events are now included that have started in the past but end today or in the future. This means that multi-day events that are part-way through are now shown.
  • aNewSpring LMS hidden activities: The Link Occurrence to aNewSpring wizard now does not show any of the course's blocks or activities that are marked as "hidden" in aNewSpring. This prevents users from mapping them to units or tasks.

VETtrak Version - released Jul 13, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Version checking: An error preventing the user from checking for the latest version of the software has been fixed.
  • Files Types:
    • An error on upgrading if the database already had a file type called "Award" or "Unallocated document" has been fixed.
    • The Trainer Upload file type has been made viewable in the Student Portal.
  • VIC Payment History Importer: An error when importing a spreadsheet has been fixed.
  • Moodle LMS: When transferring result from Moodle, an issue with dates being interpreted as 1/1/1970 has been fixed.
  • Documents tab: An error where the Documents tab was always disabled in the Info panel in managers for some users has been fixed.

Other Changes

  • QLD Payment History importer: A new submission type has been added to the Qld Payment History Importer to support the updated CSQ file format.
  • Web Enrolment Processing: After successfully processing a web enrolment, the user now has options to edit the new enrolment and the client or employer.
  • Trainer Web Portal - Application/Role management: Addition of View security entity “Can add ad-hoc attendance” to control access for trainers to add ad-hoc attendance in the trainer portal (version onwards).

File Types

Changes have been made to allow greater flexibility in configuring the use of file types, for document storage. This makes it possible to control which file types are available for which types of records, allow multiple file types to be used in the web portals, and allow documents to have a review date.

In the File Type Wizard:

  1. A default number of Review Days can be set. If set, this is used to calculate a default review date for file links of this file type.
  2. It is now possible to specify which of the allowable record types, the file type can be applied to.
  3. It is now possible to assign a file type as the default file type for a record type. If assigned as the default, when a new file link as added for that records type, the File Link wizette will pre-populate the file type drop down with the default file type.
  4. It is now possible to specify the file type’s view and upload permissions for each of the web portal applications. This supersedes the previous document preferences for both the Student and Trainer Portals.

In the Configuration Manager, the FileTrak file types node now has a structure like File notes.

  1. From a File Type item, a menu item has been added to allow duplicating the file type.
  2. From a Record Type Applicability item, a menu item has been added to allow editing the list of file types assigned to this record type.
  3. From a File Type item listed under a Record Type Applicability item, a menu item has been added to allow setting the file type as the default file type for this record type.
  4. From a Web Portal item, a menu item has been added to allow editing the View and Upload permissions of each file Type for this portal.

In the upgrade, allowable record types and web applications have been assigned to the existing system managed File types as follows:

  1. App Signature system file type:
    1. Allowable Record Types: All
    2. Web portal permissions: None
  2. Email Attachment system file type:
    1. Allowable Record Types: All
    2. Web portal permissions: None
  3. Student Upload system file type:
    1. Allowable Record Types: Migrated from Student portal preferences
    2. Web portal permissions:
      1. Student Portal: View, Upload
      2. Trainer Portal: View only
  4. Trainer Upload file type:
    1. Allowable Record Types: Migrated from Trainer portal preferences
    2. Web portal permissions:
      1. Trainer Portal: View, Upload
    3. Trainer Upload file type is now configurable. It is no longer system managed.
  5. Training Plan file type:
    1. Allowable Record Types: Enrolments, enrolled units and training plan
    2. Web portal permissions:
      1. Progress Portal: Upload only
    3. Training Plan file type is now configurable. It is no longer system managed.
  6. Newly created Award system file type:
    1. Allowable Record Types: Client award only
    2. Web portal permissions:
      1. Student Portal: View only
      2. Trainer Portal: View only
      3. Progress Portal: View only
    3. The Award system file type has been set as the default file type for Client award the record type.

Changes have been made to File Links to make use of the enhancements to File types:

  1. File Link Wizette.
    1. The list of available file types is now filtered according to the type of record owning the file link. The available file types are those configured as having this record type configured as applicable.
    2. When opening the wizette to add a file link, the file type drop down will be pre-populated with the default file type (if it is specified) for the record type.
    3. A new review date field has been added. When a file type is selected, a default review date is calculated from the default Review Days for the file type. If the review date has not previously been manually updated, the calculated default review date is used to populate the new field.
  2. Bulk Run Reports Wizard.
    1. When saving the reports to cloud storage or document database, the list of available file types is now filtered according to the type of record owning the file link in the same way as for the File Link wizette.
  3. Bulk Run Reports Trigger Action Configuration.
    1. When saving the reports to cloud storage or document database, the list of available file types is now filtered according to the type of record owning the file link in the same way as for the File link wizette.
  4. FileTrak Linking Wizard.
    1. A new review date column has been added.
  5. Add Multiple File Links Wizard.
    1. A new review date column has been added. It is populated by adding the review days for the file type to the date the file link was created, provided review date has not previously been manually updated.

Compliance & Reporting    

  1. NSW Smart and Skilled. The following has been added to the Eligibility pages in the Enrolment wizard for NSW, and included in the NSW Provider Calculator Export wizard:
    1. New Program Stream 42 "Skilling for Recovery Priority Full Qualification"
    2. New Strategy Codes S120, S140, S160, S161, S180, S181 and S200
    3. New Part Qual Parent National Qualification field, allowing a qualification to be selected
  2. Victorian state funding sources. The list of Victorian state funding sources has been updated to comply with 2022 requirements.
  3. VIC AVETMISS placement reporting. When reporting placements in VIC AVETMISS, the PRAC000001 and PRAC000002 units in the NAT60 file will now be reported with a field of education of 129999.
  4. VIC AVETMISS placement "report as" qualification. VIC Generate AVETMISS will now correctly report the enrolment qualification's "report as" qualification in the NAT120 file when reporting a practical placement.
  5. Generate AVETMISS status colour accessibility. The Generate AVETMISS wizard will now show a text indicator along with the grid status colours to improve the accessibility of the information. This will be gradually rolled out to other grids that use status colours in the future.
  6. ANZSCO update. There has been an update to the ANZSCO Codes, that applies from 22 April 2022. If you haven't done so already, you will need to update VETtrak with these new values through the wizard available in the AVETMISS menu -> Update AVETMISS fields.
  7. TCSI Course Outcome Code. New options are now available for the TCSI Course Outcome Code (E599).
  8. TCSI Highest Attainment. A Highest Attainment code of "000" will now be reported to TCSI instead of blank if the client does not have any prior education and the start date is 2020 or later.

Data Insights

  1. Save as new query. A new "Save as new query" button has been added to Data Insights. Pressing this will ask you to enter a name, and will then save your query as a new query. This is useful if you have made changes to a query and want to save your changes as a new query instead of updating the original query.
  2. Calculated date adjustment. When using calculated date criteria in Data Insights, you can now apply an adjustment to add or subtract a specified number of days, weeks, months or years to the calculated date.
  3. Payment plan data. Information about invoice payment plans is now available in Data Insights. You can start a query from Payment Plan Account, or access Payment Plans from Client, Employer or Invoice.
  4. File link changes. Several changes have been made around file links:
    1. A new Query On option of “File link” has been added, to now make it possible to report (and to perform bulk actions) on File link records.
    2. A new updateable field, Review date has been added.
    3. A relationship has been added from File Link to File Information.  
    4. Two sample queries have been provided as a demonstration of querying on File links.
  5. File Type changes.
    1. A new updateable field, Review days has been added.
  6. Staff Credentials. Changes for Staff credentials:
    1. A new bulk action to add staff credentials is now available when querying on Staff. This will allow a set of credentials to be assigned to the selected staff.
    2. A new Query On option of "Staff credential" has been added, to now make it possible to report (and to perform bulk actions) on Staff credential records.
    3. A new bulk action to update staff credential status is now available when querying on Staff Credential.
  7. Bulk Run Report. A behind the scenes restriction that limited running bulk reports to 1500 records has been removed.
  8. VSL unit enrolment table. Querying for VSL unit enrolment will now exclude unit enrolments from templates.
  9. Default extension applied when exporting. When exporting a Data Insights query, if no file extension has been provided for the export file name, the default extension (.vtdq) will be used.
  10. Booking details. A new table has been added to describe booking details for an occurrence.
  11. NSW Enrolment fields. Many of the Smart and Skilled fields are now available for NSW Enrolments.
  12. Add File Note bulk action. A new bulk action to "Add file note" is now available for many types of records in Data Insights and Triggers and Actions. This allows you to add a file note in bulk to the selected records. In Triggers and Actions, you can also indicate whether the file note should be added automatically, or whether it should appear to the user in a wizard allowing them to adjust the note.
  13. View enrolled units for occurrence in Data Insights. A new "Enrolled units" option has been added when right-clicking the Enrolments node for an occurrence in the Program Manager and going to "View records in Data Insights", allowing you to automatically generate a Data Insights query that shows enrolled units from all enrolments in the occurrence.
  14. Bulk complete event. Updating the Complete flag in bulk for events in Data Insights has been moved from the Update Field bulk action to a new Complete Event bulk action. This will now update applicable audit fields such as the Date Last Complete and User Last Complete.
  15. Task Enrolment Open button. An Open button is now available in the results when querying for Task Enrolments in Data Insights. This opens the Enrolment Task Results wizard for the enrolment that contains the enrolled task.
  16. QVault Digital Certificates. QVault digital certificates table has been added and made available for awards.

VETtrak QVault Integration

VETtrak has introduced an integration with Learning Vaults digital certificate issuing platform QVault. Learn more about the QVault integration here

Changes in VETtrak when you have the QVault Add-on feature:

  1. Issue award reports to QVault as digital certificates for issued awards via a checkbox on the last page of the Awards Wizard.
  2. Issue award reports to QVault as digital certificates for issued awards via a new output option in the Bulk Run Reports Wizard accessible from:
    1. The right-click menu item “Run reports...” on awards.
    2. Data insights by the Award context action “Run reports”.
    3. Triggers and Actions by the Award record type action “Run report”.
  3. View issued QVault awards by a right-click menu item “View QVault certificate...” on awards.
  4. Revoke issued QVault awards by a right-click menu item “Revoke from QVault…” on awards.
  5. See a summary of QVault digital certificates issued in the current month and the previous month via a new QVault tile on the dashboard.
  6. QVault digital certificates are queryable from the Award context in Data Insights.

Merge Templates

  1. Employer Enrolment. Several booking fields have been added to the Employer Enrolment merge context. 
  2. Client fields. New client merge fields have been added for:
    1. Client primary employer name,
    2. Client primary external system code,
    3. Client primary external system name.

      These new fields are available for Client context, Occurrence Enrolment context and Enrolment context.
  3. Report Name field. The ReportName merge field is no longer an available field if the template is not a "Report filename template", as this merge field is only relevant to report filenames.
  4. Merge Template Wizard
    1. An option has been added to the Merge Template Wizard, to allow the template to be available in the Trainer Portal.
    2. The notes on the file attachments panel of the Merge Template Wizard (for emails) have been expanded to highlight that template file attachments will not be available from templates in the trainer portal.


  1. Bulk Add Skills wizard. A bug where, when filling down either the Acquired or Expiry column (by clicking on the column header), all records would receive the filled down value, has been fixed. Only those records ticked to use now receive the filled down value.
  2. Client importer enhanced to support LMS client identifier. Changes have been made to the client importer to now support matching clients using an LMS client identifier.


  1. Transfer Enrolment. In the Transfer Enrolment wizard:
    1. The setting for "Create invoice and transfer any payments" will be saved and re-used for your next enrolment transfer.
    2. The Current column has been updated to be a Total column that shows the total number of active enrolments in the occurrence plus the number of pending web enrolments for the occurrence.
  2. Occurrence Costs. It is now possible to optionally assign a ledger when configuring a Cost Type and when adding a cost to an occurrence. When adding a cost to an occurrence, selecting the cost type will assign the cost type's ledger as the occurrence cost ledger. This can be overridden or cleared. 
  3. Class Wizard resizing. A bug where the staff grid was not resized when the class wizard width was changed has been fixed.
  4. Client Classes Wizard. It is now possible to filter columns by clicking on the column header.


  1. Enrolment view client in new tab. The right-click option on an enrolment to "View client in new tab" will now automatically select that enrolment in the Client Manager.
  2. Extend Unit Dates wizard.  The Unit Code and Unit Name fields now appear in separate columns. This will make it easier to export records and re-import them.
  3. Award Wizard. A checkbox has been added to the Finish page of the Award wizard to "Run award reports". If ticked, after saving, it opens the Bulk Run Reports wizard for the award records that were added (which could be multiple if awarding for an occurrence) or updated, allowing the user to easily run and save award reports for the award records they just created or updated.
  4. Saving staff for multiple new records:
    1. When adding multiple contracts or enrolments, an issue causing the list of staff to not be saved for each new contract or enrolment has been fixed.
    2. When adding multiple occurrence enrolments in different occurrences for the same client, an issue causing the list of staff to not be saved has been fixed.
  5. Verify USI when processing web enrolment. When matching a client during web enrolment processing, if the web client has a USI and date of birth entered, you can now verify the USI directly in the Client Match wizard. If you then use "Create a new client" or "Match client and update", the USI verification status will be stored against the created or updated client. The current USI Status of the selected existing VETtrak client is also shown.


  1. Generate Scheduled Invoices. The user interaction in the Generate Scheduled Invoices wizard has been improved to better guide the user as to what they need to do, and to prevent proceeding if no records are found.
  2. Setup Payment Plan instalment validation. The Setup Payment Plan wizard will now validate that the payment plan will have at least two instalments, to avoid issues with some payment plan providers.

Global Preferences

  1. Portal Preferences. Company name and company phone fields have been added to the preference page for the Student, Trainer, Progress and VTDocs portals to allow the option of customising the displayed company name/phone in the relevant portal.
  2. Task Preferences. On the Unit completion tab in the Task preferences page, the Info message for Automatically complete unit when all its tasks are completed now includes some extra wording to make it clear that ‘completed’ result means both finalised and successful.
  3. Document Preferences. For both the Student Portal and Trainer Portal, the preferences under the Documents tab have been superseded by the application settings on the 3rd page of the File Types Wizard.

Performance Improvements

  1. Client codes. For Firebird users only, to improve database performance, client codes will be converted to uppercase during the upgrade to This will happen automatically for hosted users.
    For locally installed users, if there are any duplicate codes, then at the end of the upgrade: 
    1. A message will be shown to the user that there are duplicate client codes in the database, listing the duplicate client codes along with the client names (the user can copy or save out of this), 
    2. The user will be asked to correct the duplicate client codes and make them upper-case in VETtrak.
    3. All other client codes will be converted to uppercase.
  2. Client search by code. To improve client code searching performance, the client code search now finds clients with code that starts with the search term, and no longer includes those with a code “after” the search term. For local install Firebird users, any client whose code could not automatically be made upper case during the database upgrade, as described above, might NOT be found by a client code search.
  3. SQL Server performance. Some database performance improvements have been made when retrieving some types of data in SQL Server.

  1. Transfer enrolment to Ready Skills and another LMS. It is now possible to transfer the same enrolment to both Ready Skills and another LMS (aNewSpring, Canvas or Moodle). This is useful if the enrolment has some parts that require practical assessment via Ready Skills and other parts that are assessed online in an LMS.
  2. aNewSpring incomplete assessment reattempt. For an Assessment activity in aNewSpring, if the client fails the first attempt, then starts a second attempt but has not completed it, an issue that can cause the activity result to come through as Completed to VETtrak has been fixed.
  3. Transfer Results from Ready Skills enhancements. Functionality has been added to the Transfer Results from Ready Skills wizard allowing you to:
    1. Adjust VETtrak result types and dates before saving.
    2. Save individual records.
    3. Manually close and re-open batches.
    4. View a legend of the meaning of each status colour, and a more accessible text indication of each status colour.
  4. Canvas LMS Display Name. When creating a student in Canvas, VETtrak will now include the student's surname in the Display Name.
  5. Moodle LMS result dates. When pulling results from Moodle the start and finish dates now consider both the graded date and grade submitted date before attempting to fall back to dates in the training plan.
  6. Moodle LMS Course link issue. An issue that caused VETtrak to incorrectly store the link between a VETtrak occurrence and a Moodle course has been resolved. This resolves issues that were previously amended by unlinking and then relinking VETtrak occurrences to their Moodle course.
  7. Moodle LMS Moodle course copy improvements. The "Moodle course to copy" option has been improved in the Link Occurrence to Moodle Course Wizard. This now better supports large courses being copied by allowing the wizard to save whilst copying occurs in the background. This ensures VETtrak stores a link to the new Moodle course and allows the continued use of VETtrak whilst copying takes place. A prompt will appear when copying has been completed, when clicked it will open the Link Occurrence to Moodle Course Wizard so that activity mappings can be configured. If copying completes before the wizard is closed the activity list will automatically reload.
  8. Moodle LMS Transfer results from missing courses. Previously when transferring results from Moodle either in bulk or for an individual occurrence, if the Moodle course has since been deleted from Moodle or the ID Number has been modified an error would occur preventing results from being transferred. An error message is now shown that indicates the problematic occurrence to help resolve these issues.
  9. Moodle LMS Transfer results with multiple Moodle LMSs. An issue that would prevent results from being transferred from Moodle when multiple Moodle LMS integrations are configured has been resolved.
  10. Moodle LMS Match Existing Moodle Users. Configuration options have been added to the Moodle LMS Integration Configuration Wizard to allow modifying how VETtrak automatically matches VETtrak clients to Moodle users. By default, this will continue to Match the VETtrak client code to Moodle user ID Number. This can now be adjusted to match on email and name fields instead.
  11. Moodle LMS Test connection improvements. The "Test connection" button in the Moodle LMS Integration Configuration Wizard has been improved. When testing the Moodle connection whilst using the token auth method, VETtrak will show the Moodle version and a green tick or red cross against each of the Moodle API calls required for the integration to function correctly. Any that show a red cross need to be added to the Moodle external service.

Other Changes

  1. Trainer Portal Employer Contact security. The Employer Contact entity is now available in Trainer Portal roles in the Security Manager, allowing you to control whether trainers can see employer contacts in the Trainer Portal.
  2. Cloud Document Storage error. The SignatureDoesNotMatch error that occurs when uploading files to Cloud Storage that have consecutive spaces in their filename has been fixed.


Changes to support VETtrak 22.1. No breaking changes.

Add functions

  1. GetSkills - Gets a list of all skill definitions.
  2. GetSkillsForClient - Gets a list of skills for a client.
  3. AddSkillToClient - Adds a skill to a client.
  4. UpdateClientSkill - Updates the details of an existing skill for a client.
  5. TriggerPortalPasswordReset - Starts the password reset process for a user via a VETtrak web portal.

Additional data field changes

These changes affect the QueryAdditionalData, GetAdditionalDataFieldsForEntity, GetAdditionalDataForWebRecord,

UpdateAdditionalDataForWebRecord, UpdateClientAdditionalFields and UpdateEmployerAdditionalFields functions.

Added fields:

  1. Enrolment
    • OnlineLink: Online link URL for the occurrence. Only applies to occurrences
  2. Class
    • OnlineLink: Online link URL for the class

VTDocs Portal

  1. Compatibility release for VETtrak desktop
  2. Enhancements:
    • Direct upload to cloud storage for hosted customer file upload.
  3. Company name and phone number now in VETtrak trainer portal global configuration settings. 

Note: This will overwrite values stored on the WEB.CONFIG file and should be the way forward for having information display in the portal.

Company name and phone within configuration: 

Trainer Portal

Trainer Portal Version - released Sept 5, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for Class units tab - Record unit results timing out in some VETtrak databases.
  • Fix for classes under my students enrolments not paging correctly - showing only 20 records with no further pages.

Trainer Portal Version - released Aug 18, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fixes Default file type not being selected in the file upload form.
  • Invoice page not displaying if there is no file note type associated with the invoice entity.
  • Fixed issue with non-occurrence enrolments not spawning notifications.
  • Fix for dashboard classes having too much data in the model.
  • Now preserving class attendance for simple attendance mode if already marked.
  • Updated ordering to the unit, task and attendance summary pages.
  • Moved non-active enrolments to the bottom on the unit, task and attendance summary pages.
  • Moved scroll bar to top on the unit, task and attendance summary pages.
  • Fixed notes on signature attendance not being available.

Trainer Portal Version - released Jun 29, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Trainer portal notification process did not filter out file types not available to the Student Portal, resulting in a false positive notification that a trainer uploaded a file for the student. The student clicking on the link of the notification will see a list void of file types not configured for that portal.

  1. Compatibility release for VETtrak desktop
  2. Enhancements:
    1. Direct upload to cloud storage for hosted customer file upload.
      Upload directly to cloud storage without going through the application server:
    2. Flexible file types portal compatability.
      Note: These permissions are cached in memory and will refresh periodically of upon a new login to the Trainer portal.
  3. Changed MyCourses participants to show active only - removed status column.
  4. Added new "View all participants" action item under My Courses Occurrence action menu.
  5. Added date range filter to MyCourses page to allow limiting list of occurrences to selected dates.

  6. Added colour styles for QA items on the task, unit result and attendance summary pages accessed from MyCourses.   Note: some variation to the colour may occur from the desktop to the web environment due to web suitability logic.

  7. Show file link review date on file link details modal.

  8. Show only merge templates flagged for the trainer portal (using VETtrak desktop configuration).

  9. Added Occurrence short code column (if present) to Course information on MyStudents - Student enrolments section.

  10. Added Occurrence short code column to MyCourse list and Occurrence details modal.
  11. Portal login will updates the cached entity permissions from the database along with the cached file type permissions.
  12. Added button on class card to allow immediate access to full class page.  Negate having to navigate via class modal pop-up.
  13. Class page now shows details and map (if using) Tabs.
  14. Occurrence level staff may now receive notification of file upload if they are configured to do so.  (Origin action from the student portal)
  15. Company name and phone number now in VETtrak trainer portal global configuration settings.
    Note: This will overwrite values stored on the WEB.CONFIG file and should be the way forward for having information display in the portal.

  16. View Class page:  Added ability to email class, add and view distributed files for the class from the sub menu.

Bug fixes

  1. Correction to file count on MyStudents - Enrolments tab
  2. Handle templates that have absolute file reference attachments by removing them.  Not valid for portal use.
  3. Unit Result, Task Status, and Classes Attendance column text not wrapping on My Courses page.
  4. Added given name ascending sort when ordering Surname on MyStudents page.
  5. Prevent simple attendance overwriting prior recorded attendance types (other than the absent/present pre-selects).
  6. MyStudents list not removing non active enrolments in some circumstances.
  7. Notifications for direct S3 Upload.
  8. Classes now show for training staff with only client occument access or class only association.

Student Portal

Student Portal Version - released Jul 11, 2022


  • Unit order in lists display in training plan sequence order where relevant:
    Training plan in VETtrak desktop with unit sequence numbering

    Portal sorting by training plan sequence order where recorded in VETtrak.

  • Documents against the training plan now viewable in the course documents tab:
    Course documents now showing Training plan files

  • Documents against an Invoice now viewable from the Invoice’s Action menu:
     Invoice documents accessible from Action menu

Bug Fixes

  • Distributed task files are not viewable.
  • Caching of permissions not being reset/updated from database on user login.

  1. Compatibility release for VETtrak desktop
  2. Enhancements:
    • Flexible file types portal compatibility. 
    • Display name changed to use client record Preferred name (if present)
    • Award manager updated to card format.
    • QVault integration support
    • Upload notification extended to occurrence level staff (requires the trainer portal).
    • Company name and phone number now in VETtrak student portal global configuration settings.
    • Permissions cache refreshed upon portal login

Bug fixes

  • File name not populating on drag and drop.

Progress Portal

Progress Portal Version - released Jul 1, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Sorting on pages for: accreditation, training list, placement and employer events is forgotten when moving between lists of paged information.

  1. Compatibility release for VETtrak desktop
  2. Enhancements:
    1. Ability to preview files using google preview.
    2. Enabled files against trainee, placement, event, accreditation and training.  Note:  Some file type configuration will be required in VETtrak desktop.
    3. Company name and phone now in VETtrak progress portal global configuration settings.

Products API

  1. Compatibility release for VETtrak desktop
  2. Added additional validation on aNewSpring web hook calls to handle where client code and/or enrolment id is missing.

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