Issuing QVault Digital Certificates

Once configured, You can issue QVault Digital Credentials within VETtrak in a variety of ways.

  Required: VETtrak QVault Digital Credentials Connection

There are settings that require configuration in order to integrate QVault with VETtrak – please ensure these are configured before attempting the steps detailed here.


Award Wizard

The last page of the Award Wizard will display an Issue to QVault option. This is accessible when issuing an individual award or when awarding clients in an occurrence:

You can also select the Issue to QVault option when selecting an award within a manager:

When using the Bulk Run Reports Wizard you can also select Send to QVault:

This is accessible via:

  • Data Insights (Filtering on Awards only)
  • Triggers and actions (Filtering on Awards only)
  • Selecting Run reports from the right-click menu on an Award

When doing this, the wizard will ensure all awards being issued are all from the same organisation and are the same report type. This is not the case, the wizard will close.

On success, the wizard will open and display the following page to nominate a specific Award Report to issue to QVault for all selected awards:

Once an Award Report is select, press Next.

On this page, a list of the awards intended to be Issued to QVault will appear with their current Status displayed.

You can deselect any unintended awards within this area by unticking the Use checkbox.

Click Finish to begin issuing the selected awards to QVault.

Once complete the grid will refresh and update the record status to display any warnings or errors.

Records that have been issued will display with the word Done displayed in the green status area.

If you wish to export a record of the items in this area, select the Export option in the bottom-right hand side.

With this done, you can close the wizard.

Awards that have been issued will show (QVault) in their node text:

Note: When completing this process, a file for each award is temporarily saved as a PDF, Then deleted once issued.

This will commonly appear in a location like the following:


Issue Confirmation

The first time a VETtrak user attempts to issue a QVault digital certificate a confirmation message will appear, warning youthat there is a fee applied to all QVault digital certificates.

Select Yes to continue, or No to cancel the process.

If Don’t ask me again is selecting and you opt to continue, you will not be prompted again unless the user preference is reset.


If a VETtrak Award has an Expiry Date set at the time it is issued to QVault, an expiry date will be set against the QVault digital certificate.

Once the expiry date has passed the QVault digital certificate will appear expired, and will no longer verify.

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