Viewing/Revoking QVault Certificates

Once configured, You can view and even revoke your QVault Digital Credential Ceritificates within VETtrak in a variety of ways.

  Required: VETtrak QVault Digital Credentials Connection

There are settings that require configuration in order to integrate QVault with VETtrak – please ensure these are configured before attempting the steps detailed here.


Within A Manager

When right-clicking an award, the option to View QVault certificate… is available:

Note: When this is selected, the QVault Digital Certificate will be opened in an external web browser.

When viewing an issued certificate you will see a page that presents details of the certificate which were copied from VETtrak at the time of issuing:

The elements of the digital credential are recorded as follows:

  1. This will be the {Qualification/Course name} or {Award Type name + Parchment number} for awards with no qualification/course.
  2. This will be the recipient clients {first name + last name}
  3. This will be the Organisations {legal name} from the organisation wizard
  4. This will be the Organisations {National RTO Id} from the organisation wizard
  5. This will be the Awards {date issued} value
  6. This will be the Awards {parchment number} value
  7. This will be a copy of the {Earning Criteria description} that has been selected in the QVault Configuration Wizard.
  8. This will show a PNG copy of the first page of the VETtrak Award report that was issued.
  9. This will show a PNG copy of the second page of the VETtrak Award report that was issued.
  10. Clicking the Verify Record button will action a verify check of the record.

Warning: If Award details within VETtrak are changed (Such as client information, award details, or configuration information) after the QVault digital certificate has been issued it will not update.

If this data needs to be updated the certificate must be revoked and reissued.

Award expiry and description also get sent to QVault. An expiry date will appear when verifying a record before its expiry date.


When verified a summary of the information will appear with a green tick:

If it has since been revoked or expired an error will appear when re-verified:

Revoke QVault certificates

Awards that have been issued to QVault can be revoked via a right-click menu item on awards:

A revoked QVault digital certificate will appear with a Revoked Badge detail in the Learning Vault Portal.

These will no longer be verifiable.

Warning: The act of revoking does not refund an issued certificate.

Data Insights

It is possible to query QVault digital certificate information when querying on Awards within Data Insights.

This can be useful to identify records that have not been issued to QVault and issue them in bulk via the Run Report action and selecting the Send to QVault output option.

Any awards that have not yet been flagged as issued and given an issued date will be skipped when attempting to send them to QVault, however, if you wish for them to be automatically issued as today you can uncheck the “Skip unissued awards” option:

Triggers and Actions

Within Triggers and Actions for the Award type for both adding or editing when performing the Run Report action you can set the output option to ‘Send to QVault’.

Dashboard Tile

There is a unique dashboard tile that shows the number of QVault digital certificates that have been issued so far in the current month and those issued in the previous month. The “Run QVault history report“ button can be pressed to run a new standard report which shows a full history of QVault usage.

The count automatically updates as awards are issued to QVault.

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