VETtrak 22.2.0 Release Notes - 12/10/2022 (Updated 05/12/2022)

The most significant changes in VETtrak 22.2 are: the Development Platform Update, Trainer Portal enhancements and the introduction of New Importers. 


VETtrak Desktop

VETtrak Version - released Dec 05, 2022


  • MYOB integration: An issue re-authenticating with MYOB when opening the Payment Import wizard has been resolved.

LMS Integrations

  • When transferring task results from an LMS, an in-progress result no longer assigns a task completed date.
  • An enrolment will now only be transferred to Ready Skills as a training plan if it is a contract enrolment, and the “Training plan” access level is ticked.


  • In the Client Identity Document wizard, a Card Number is now required for Drivers Licenses, in line with recent changes made by the QLD government when creating a USI.
  • An issue with the organisation drop-down when verifying a USI, that made it impossible to select an organisation when the client’s most recently used organisation is now archived, has been fixed.

Data Insights

  • Optional contract claims fields have been made available in Data Insights.
  • Class capacity is now bulk updateable in Data Insights.

Other changes

  • In the WA Enrolment Claim Wizard, extra fields have been made available and the user interface has been enhanced.
  • An issue with the QVault integration, when alphanumeric characters are used in the parchment number, has been fixed.
  • In the Programme Wizard, the 'Allow Occurrences to have Tasks' tickbox is now defaulted to on for new programmes.
  • A problem with the Report Scheduler attempting to output to an SFTP server has been fixed.
  • In the Transfer Enrolment wizard, an issue with the "Enter a transfer date" validation has been fixed.

VETtrak Version - released Oct 28, 2022


  • Updated validation of released importers and minor changes to processing.
  • MYOB integration: re-authentication process improvement on token expiry from within finance transfer wizard.
    Note: There has been a change on MYOB system to comply with the ATO now requiring reauthentication every 24 hours.

Victorian Student Number (VSN)

  • Fixed authorisation error when setting up or transfering VSN data via VIC utilities menu.


  • Fixed an issue when sending student notification for unit results, where sending attempted all records instead of only changed unit results.
  • Student notification for unit result, enrolment task configuration and activity.  A preference has been added to remember, on a per user basis, the checked status.

Note: Please be aware notifications can trigger an email notification. If you have a significant number of results to be notified, this may result in a longer delay for closing the wizard, while these messages are sent - especially if your mail server requires a delay interval between sending each email. 

Deleting Locations

  • Attempting to delete a location which has relationships to any of: Payments, Enrolled units, Enrolments, CRICOS (COE), payment plan providers, client awards or VSL related tables will now show a message and prevent deletion of the location.

Data Insights

  • When exporting files from Data Insights queries, the default file name (based on the report name), now has illegal file characters replaced with an underscore(_) to prevent an error when saving the file.

Staff Manager

  • Fixed an error which prevented the opening of the Staff Units Wizard for Deliverable units.  (Affected MSSQL server customers only).

VETtrak Version - released Oct 12, 2022

  • Platform Update

  1. Platform update. The development platform and all third-party components for VETtrak desktop have been updated to the latest versions.

  2. Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server. For local install customers, options to use the Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server, versions 18 and 19, to connect to a SQL Server VETtrak database, have been added to VTConfig.

  3. 2FA clock skew. Two-factor authentication is now a little more forgiving, and will accept a slightly older code.

  • Importers

    1. Client Events Importer: A new importer is available to allow importing client events from a spreadsheet or a csv file.

    2. Classes Importer: A new importer is available to allow importing classes from a spreadsheet or a csv file.

    3. Positions Importer: A new importer is available to allow importing positions from a spreadsheet or a csv file.

    4. Importer menu: A new Importers sub-menu has been added to the Utilities menu. Most of the importer items have been moved to the new sub-menu.

  • Web Portals 

    1. Trainer portal preferences: A new `View` tab has been added to the trainer portal preferences with new settings to control what classes are visible to your trainers.

    2. External links: New external link types have been added for Vimeo, Google+, WordPress, and Pinterest.

    3. Trainer / Student portal preferences: The `Documents` tab has been removed from both the student portal and trainer portal preferences as document permissions are now managed by editing file types in the Configuration manager.

  • Compliance Changes

    1. AVETMISS 7 removed. The old Generate AVETMISS 7 options have been removed from the AVETMISS menu.

    2. Mobile phone: Fixed an issue where the `Mobile phone` value was not being validated in the Client importer and Client personal wizards when the `Enforce strict AVETMISS compliance` global preference was turned off.

  • Victoria

    1. VIC commencing program cohort identifier. The VIC commencing program cohort identifier field has been added to the Enrolment wizard for VIC, allowing you to enter this information in advance for enrolments commencing in 2023. This data is not reported yet.

  • Western Australia

    1. WA unit nominal hours. The list of unit nominal hours for WA were recently updated. If you haven't already, you can update these in your VETtrak database by using the AVETMISS menu -> Update AVETMISS Fields.

  • Payment Plans

    1. Ezidebit once-off payment date. When creating an Ezidebit payment plan with an initial once-off payment amount, you now have the option to enter the date that Ezidebit should collect this payment.

    2. DebitSuccess client address. The unit details from the client's address is now included in the DebitSuccess form when creating a DebitSuccess payment plan.

  • Staff Credentials

    1. Staff credential statuses: The existing staff credential status list has been converted to a configurable list. New statuses can been added in the Configuration manager under `Staff credential statuses` or the `handy` button in the Staff credential wizard.

  • Other Changes

    1. Email preferences: A new authentication type has been added to email preferences for OAuth 2.0. This allows the continued use of SMTP if your mail provider removes support for basic authentication methods. SMTP OAuth 2.0 is only available for the VETtrak desktop application and is not supported in the VETtrak portal products.

    2. Xero Integration: Multi-factor authentication (MFA) “Trust this device” reduced To 24 Hours
      From 6 October 2022, Xero will be making some changes to Multi-Factor Authentication to align with the new ATO regulations. When logging into Xero through VETtrak and selecting Trust this device you will be prompted to authenticate again every 24 hours, instead of the current 30 days.

    3. Data Insights Open Record. The Open Record button in the Results tab in Data Insights will now show a menu, which is different for each type of record, allowing you to choose how to open the record (such as in a wizard or a manager).

    4. Configure tasks: Tasks preferences to automatically start / complete units are now applied after configuring occurrence or enrolment tasks.

    5. Duplicate checks: Multiple of the configuration item wizards have had duplicate record validations added to avoid errors when saving.

    6. File types: Fixed an issue preventing the deletion of a file type that is not in use.

    7. Employment: A `Show inactive employment records` checkbox has been added to the employment grid to control which records are visible. This value is remembered per user.

    8. 2023 public holidays. 2023 public holidays have been added. The Holidays node in the Configuration Manager now shows years in descending order.

    9. Class primary staff: Fixed an issue where the primary staff would continue to appear in reports and some wizard when all the staff had been removed from the class staff list.

    10. Info - Documents: The documents tab now shows documents attached to employee enrolment tasks when the employer or employee enrolment is selected with `Include subordinates` checked. 

    11. Programme Manager list view long code. An option to show a column for the occurrence "Long code" has been added when clicking the column selector in the List View in the Programme Manager.

    12. High DPI: Fixed an issue with the scaling of the confirmation message when issuing QVault digital certificates.

    13. Holiday Wizard: Fixed an issue causing end date validation for holidays without an end date.

    14. Delete occurrence: A confirmation message to reject all web enrolments has been added when deleting an occurrence that has web enrolments or reservations. Previously, this produced an error.

  • Notifications

    1. Unit result notifications: Now when recording unit results throughout VETtrak students will be notified of finalised result changes via a student portal notification and email if configured.

    2. Task configuration notification: Now when configuring enrolment tasks throughout VETtrak students will be notified of newly assigned tasks via a student portal notification and email if configured.

    3. Task activity notifications: Now when recording task activity throughout VETtrak students will be notified of completed task activities via a student portal notification and email if configured.

  • LMS Integrations

    1. Moodle LMS: Fixed an issue which would cause the start date of units to default to the planned start date from the training plan when transferring result from Moodle and the integration is configured to start units with only one Moodle activity mapped to each unit. This will now use the earliest of the graded date or submitted date of the mapped Moodle activity if available before falling back to the training plan.

    2. Catapult LMS default username. When transferring the first unit for a client, that has had a Catapult Username manually entered in the client's Personal wizard, to Catapult LMS, the "Catapult username of enrolling client" will now default to the manually entered Catapult Username, instead of the VETtrak username or client code.


Changes to support VETtrak 22.2. No breaking changes.

VTDocs Portal

Version - released Nov 14, 2022


  • Enrolled unit result shown as separate item on details drop down.
  • Added Client Awards section to the Occurrences view.

Bug fix

  • Correction to credentials in line with VETtrak database changes.

Compatibility release for VETtrak desktop


  • External Links: Additional external links have been added to the VETtrak configuration and will appear in the portal with their respective branded icon.

Trainer Portal

Version - released Nov 30, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Attempting to upload file for class results in an error.

Version - released Nov 22, 2022


  • Additional indication of attendees being ad-hoc or cancelled enrolment on simple attendance page.

Bug Fixes

  • Marking attendance not available when ad-hoc students in the class.

Version - released Nov 15, 2022


  • Sorting of merge templates in drop down lists now in alphabetic order.
  • Additional application logging for external authentication.

Bug Fixes

  • Creating client events not working in some circumstances.
  • Failed login messages not appearing for external authentication.

Version - released Nov 9, 2022


  • Add the ability to email an employer
  • Merge template support for employer emails

Bug Fixes

  • Correction to Two factor authentication (2FA) - Remember me for 30 days now working correctly.
  • Fix for attendance when not all enrolments are in the class.
  • Fix for message displayed when an occurrence is not active on an enrolment.

Compatibility release for VETtrak desktop


  • Navigation Bar - Top navigation bar fixed to the page and unaffected by scrolling.

  • Profile Menu - A simplified profile menu was added with profile information, security, login history and notification grouped together on the profile page.

  • Dashboard Page

  • Recent students widget: A new content card for recently accessed students has been added to the dashboard. This may be user configured by clicking the configuration cog. When a student modal or student manager page is viewed the student is added to the recent students list.

    Changing the settings: Disable from dashboard or change the size of the list.

  • Recent courses widget: A new content card for recently accessed courses has been added to the dashboard. Expanding courses under MyCourses will add them to this list. Use the quick actions button to perform operations on the course.Changing the settings: Disable from dashboard or change the size of the list.

  • Dashboard widgets: Use the “Dashboard widgets” button to control the widget cards displayed on the dashboard via a new modal.  

  • Dashboard widgets placement on page: Use the nav icon 

    to move the widget around the dashboard to a place of your choosing.  Do you want the information to appear on the left or the right, top, middle or bottom?

    Dashboard with widgets re-arranged:

  • External links: Additional external links have been added to the VETtrak configuration and will appear in the portal with their respective branded icon.

  • Student Details Modal - Primary employer record indicated by badge.

  • Student manager page. Addition of client awards tab

  • MyStudent page - student enrolment - now showing an awards tab:

  • Student manager page. Addition of file count and action menu to view files on invoice tab.

  • MyStudents list of enrolments now have an employer name column and actions to view employer manager and or modal.

  • Employer manager updates:

    • new tab showing paged client enrolments.

    • paging added to tab showing employee list on employer page.

    • Action menus for tabs showing client related records now include messaging, SMS, email and file note action options for the employer.

    • Use the date range selector to expand the date filtering where desired:

    • Added actions menu to contacts tab:

  • MyCourses page:

  • Multiple events: Add the ability to create multiple client events from the MyCourses page - enrolment - Actions menu.

    Multiple events modal

  • Send email to course active participants: A new action menu to allow sending clients in the course an email.

    Modal email send:

  • Class manager page:

    • Add the ability to switch off the trainer adding ad-hoc attendance via a new VETtrak desktop security entity.

  • General
    • Student Notification: When a trainer results a unit for a student or updates task status activity a notification will appear for the student in the student portal. Desktop result/task changes will at the admin’s prerogative create notification also.

    • Task status change:


    • Recording attendance: Prevent the accidental navigation away from recording student attendance with a prompt.

    • Extend logout: A new modal prompt to continue the session will now appear before session automatically logging you out. Ignoring the modal will result in a logout at the end of the count down period.

    • Showing Classes information on dashboard: Greater control of the classes that are shown on the dashboard is now configurable through the Trainer portal global preferences View tab.

    • Help info box content:

    • Distributed files action menu: Where an action menu contains both a standard file/web link and the distributed version. The menu is now separated to prevent confusion.

Bug fixes

  • Class manager: Unit results and result tasks modal checkbox object for "Select all class" includes units/tasks checkboxes that are at the occurrence level.

  • QA entity security settings when off and QA global settings on causes portal failure.

  • Choose a file type when adding files to a client event.

  • Edit training plan not showing unit information.

  • Merge template SMS sending multiple messages.

  • Default file type not pre-selected in upload file modal.

  • Can not edit existing class attendance.

  • Class lists are now filtered to active enrolments by default.

Student Portal

Version - released Nov 9, 2022

  • iCalendar subscription issue fixed

Compatibility release for VETtrak desktop


  • Notification:
    Portal now receives notification for Enrolled unit results, Enrolment Task configuration and activity.
    Added configuration settings for Enrolled Unit results, Enrolment Task configuration and activity.

  • External links: Additional external links have been added to the VETtrak configuration and will appear in the portal with their respective branded icon.

Progress Portal

Compatibility release for VETtrak desktop


  • Added QVault awards and updated styles of awards page.

  • Search employees across all employers you have access too.

  • External links: Additional external links have been added to the VETtrak configuration and will appear in the portal with their respective branded icon.

Bug fixes

  • only show units related to the award when viewing awards.

Products API

Compatibility release for VETtrak desktop


  • Added additional validation on aNewSpring web hook calls to handle where client code and/or enrolment id is missing.


Compatibility release for VETtrak desktop


  • BPoint integration - change to use ReceiptNumber instead of AuthoriseID to improve ease of reconciliation between BPoint and VETenrol.

  • USI Identity documents - Compliance update to support collecting ID Number for Driver’s Licences at the USI step (Vic & QLD exempt).
    Users selecting to have the RTO create their USI on their behalf, and choosing Driver’s Licence as their form of Identification will also need to provide the licence ID number, unless the state of issue is Victoria or Queensland.

  • Forgotten password link - A new Forgotten Password link has been added onto the Personal step for Returning Participant feature on the standard registration process.This can be enabled on the Registration steps page in VEtenrol Admin

  • Gender setting for Group Bookings - Previously, the inclusion of Gender for the Places step was tied to the setting used for individual registrations but now has its own setting.

  • Rapid Registration - A new Rapid setting exists in the Admin to hide zero dollar values.
    to prevent:

Bug Fixes

  • Award Verification for clients with a single name.

  • CategoryView not displaying Registration Close, Delivery Mode and Occurrence Description when viewing occurrence details with those options enabled.

  • Allow registration after course start date when negative Close Dates are applied and the registration close date is still in the future. (Previously registration in this circumstance would only be permitted via direct link)


Compatibility release for VETtrak desktop


  • Added tags to work item export list

  • Tags now show as csv on hover of a work item

  • Added filters for Programme and occurrence to the work item view allowing for filtering on cohorts of students. This also works for the file export.
  • Added email confirmation when a user submits a new work item

  • Added open endpoint forms that allow for an endpoint where users can fill in a form more than once

    • Filling these forms in will create a new work item, attach the new form submission to the work item and notify the relevant users the form was submitted.

    • This can be enabled from the edit page of a form  template

  • For open endpoint forms, an iframe builder exists that allows for customisation of colours and layout this can be used to embed the form into a customer website

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a date issue on full-page forms showing the wrong time due to UTC

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