VETtrak 23.2 Release Notes - 03/05/2023 (updated 16/06/2023)


VETtrak Desktop


  • Invoice email. An error that occurred when attempting to email from an invoice has been resolved.
  • Recipient template emails. An issue causing template emails to not send to related recipient types has been resolved.


  • Form submission wizard. An issue viewing form submissions has been resolved.
  • Data Insights. An issue viewing the “Is related to client” relationship for a client's relationships has been resolved.
  • Moodle LMS update user.An option has been added to the LMS Integration Configuration wizard for Moodle to control whether the corresponding Moodle user is updated when a VETtrak client is updated.

VETtrak Desktop

Client Relationships

Addition of a new feature supporting client relationship information. Client relationships may be defined between two client records for emergency contact or parent/guardian relationship base types. This allows you to easily include related clients in email communications.

  • Security. New security entities have been added to the Security Manager to control View, Edit, Add and Delete for client relationships, and relationship configuration.
  • Configuration. A new Relationships node has been added to the Configuration Manager to allow customisation of the base relationship types.
  • Personal details. A new page to manage client relationships has been added to the Client Personal wizard. The client relationships can also be managed in the Fast Client wizard.
    • When adding a client relationship, you can choose to create a new client, or select and link an existing client.
    • When choosing to create a new client, enter the name and at least one contact detail (email, mobile phone and/or home phone).
    • When choosing to create a new client, a check will be performed for any existing clients that match the name and specified contact details. If any matches are found, this will be indicated on the screen and you can choose to select an existing matching client.
    • When choosing to link to an existing client, that existing client’s contact details are shown. If you edit these, that existing client’s contact details will be updated.
  • Client manager. A new tree node showing related clients has been added to the Client Manager. These include relationships “from” this client (where the client “has” the relationship), and “to” this client (where this client “is” the relationship). Right-click options are available here to directly add, edit or delete the client relationships.
  • Emergency contact information. The existing emergency contact information has been superseded by the client relationship information. The old information where present will be shown on the client relationship page. If the entry is vacant the display will not show the old emergency contact fields.
  •  CRICOS CoE wizard has had the emergency contact information removed from the Under 18 student page.
  •  Data Insights. Client relationship information has been added to the Client and Staff data as a sub entry.
  •  Email 
    •  Recipient types. Added a new drop down list of client relationships to the recipient type selector.
    •  Email recipients. Added grouping of related recipient types under the client recipient. This includes:
      • Client’s primary employer
      • Client’s employer primary contact
      • Client’s employer account contact
      • Client’s primary manager
      • Client relationship
  • Quality Assurance (QA) 
    • Configuration. Added client relationship to the list of QA entries for both the Student and Trainer portal global configuration.
    • Client Relationship. Added the ability to QA client relationships, that have been added in the Student or Trainer Portals, to the QA Manager.
  •  Processing web enrolments. When matching a web client, a new Relationships entry shows any existing relationships for the matching client, and any new relationships being created in the web enrolment. You can view the matched client’s existing relationships, and view, add, edit or delete any of the incoming web client relationships. Note:
    • The relationships are only processed when the web enrolment is processed, not when the web client is added or updated
    • When the web enrolment is processed, any incoming relationship that matches the names and provided contact details of an existing client will be linked to that existing client instead of creating a new client.
    • When the web enrolment is processed, any incoming relationships that already exist will not be added again.


  • WA 
    • Student Export update. Addition of Residency Status code to export text file as per TAMS text file specification v1.2. To report this, the client must have the correct Citizenship Status and Visa Type.
    • Study Reason description update. Changed descriptions of some study reasons to match TAMS specification v1.2.
  • VIC
    • STA Funding source update. Codes ACJ and ACR archived for 2023.
  • QLD
    •  Learner Unique Identifier (LUI). On the Client Personal wizard, the LUI validation has been changed to a warning message instead of an error that prevented update of details. This is to allow this field to be used for the apprentice identifier for QLD Fee For Service clients being reported directly to NCVER.
  • NAT90 file. Fixed an issue that could cause deleted client disabilities to still be reported in the NAT90.
  • ANZSCO update. There has been an update to the ANZSCO Codes, that applies from 22 April 2023. If you haven't done so already, you will need to update VETtrak with these new values through the wizard available in the AVETMISS menu -> Update AVETMISS fields.


  • Class Importer. The class importer has been enhanced to support importing of occurrence units and occurrence tasks.


  • Recipient grouping. Recipient types that have a parent relationship now appear grouped under the origin record. Duplicated recipients appear in the group greyed out and cannot have Use ticked.
  • GIF images. An issue with sending template emails containing GIF images has been resolved. If it is an animated GIF only the first frame will be visible, the GIF image will not animate.

Programme manager

  • Client preferred name. The display of the enrolled client's name in the selected occurrence details pane now includes the client's preferred name.
  • Occurrence Results default finish date. To avoid the possibility of incorrect data entry, the Finish Date will no longer default to today in the Occurrence Results wizard.
  • Layout and filters. The layout and filter options (Display mode, Location, Prog type, Search, and Status) at the bottom right of the programme manager have been reconfigured and are now shown above the occurrence views.The filter options are now accessible by a filter popup.

LMS Integration Changes

  • Synchronise Moodle user details. When saving an edited client that is linked to a Moodle user the following fields will now be updated in Moodle.
    Moodle user valueVETtrak client value
    Id NumberCode
    First nameGiven name
    Middle nameOther names
    Last nameSurname
    EmailEmail address
    SuspendedStatus (suspended when inactive)
  • Ready LMS enrolment on transfer. After finishing an enrolment transfer, if the original enrolment was linked to an LMS, VETtrak will ask if you wish to remove the LMS enrolment.
  • Ready LMS client codes. An issue transferring enrolments where the client code contains forward slashes has been resolved.
  • Ready LMS failed attempt. An issue with VETtrak considering activities complete when a student had a single failed attempt has been fixed. This was introduced in the VETtrak patch and may have caused incorrect results to transfer back into VETtrak.

Finance Changes

  • Xero finance integration. Xero has advised that all VETtrak clients integrated with Xero will need to be using the same Application Pool. We currently have several application pools shared across all clients. For clients not currently on our main Application Pool, we will migrate your Xero integration in VETtrak to the correct application pool during the deployment of VETtrak 23.2. As part of this, we will sign out Xero accounts from the current application pool. The first time the Xero integration is used after upgrading VETtrak, you may be asked to log into your Xero account to authorise VETtrak to access Xero on your behalf.
  • Payment wizard disbursement improvements. The payment wizard has been updated to automatically calculate the total payment amount when initially entering payment amounts against individual items. With this change comes an adjustment to how the wizard automatically disburses the total payment amount to the individual invoice items.
    • If the payment total is entered first, the wizard will automatically disburse the payment total. This is the existing behaviour of the wizard. If the payment amount against an item is then manually adjusted, the wizard will no longer recalculate the total or automatically disburse the payment total to the individual items, you will need to manually balance the amounts.
    • If payments are entered against individual items first, the wizard automatically calculates the payment total. If the payment total is then manually adjusted, the wizard will no longer recalculate the total or automatically disburse the payment total to the individual items, you will need to manually balance the amounts.


  • Course progress wizard. A Tasks completed gauge has been added to the Course Progress wizard. This is available via a "Tasks completed" tab if tasks are present.
  •  NPS feedback. The NPS feedback window is now less obtrusive. When requesting feedback, it will overlay the bottom of the screen when VETtrak starts, but will not block you from using other parts of VETtrak.
  •  VISA types. Additional visa types added to support calculation of WA Residency status code.
    • Temporary visa - Bridging visa – A, B or C - Subclass 010, 020, 030
    • Temporary visa - Partner (Provisional) visa - Subclass 309
    • Temporary visa - Special Category visa - Subclass 444
    • Temporary visa - Humanitarian Stay - Subclass 449
    • Temporary visa - Temporary Work (skilled) visa - Subclass 457 (secondary holder)
    • Temporary visa - Temporary Skill Shortage visa - Subclass 482 (secondary holder)
    • Temporary visa - Temporary Protection visa - Subclass 785
    • Temporary visa - Humanitarian Concern - Subclass 786)
    • Temporary visa - Safe Haven Enterprise visa (SHEV) - Subclass 790
    • Temporary visa - Partner visa (Temporary) - Subclass 820 or 826
    • Temporary visa - Student visa - Subclass 500
  • File Notes. Fixed an issue causing the delete button to be partially cut off.

Public API

Added support for client relationships functionality. No breaking changes.

Add functions

  •  GetRelationshipTypes: Gets a list of all relationship type definitions.
  •  GetClientRelationships: Gets a list of relationships for a client.
  •  AddClientRelationship: Adds a relationship for a client.
  •  UpdateClientRelationship: Updates a client relationship.
  •  AddWebClientRelationship: Adds a relationship to a client web enrolment.

Add classes

  •  TRelationshipType: Details of the definition of a relationship type.
  •  TAuthRelationshipTypeList: Authenticated list of relationship type definitions, returned by GetRelationshipTypes.
  •  TClieRelationship: Details of a client relationship. Used by AddClientRelationship, UpdateClientRelationship and AddWebClientRelationship.
  •  TRelationshipToClient: Details of the client that a relationship is "to". Contained in TClieRelationship.
  •  TAuthClieRelationshipList: Authenticated list of client relationships, returned by GetClientRelationships.

Products API

  • Custom Forms. JSON form values are now stored in compressed format.

VT Docs Portal

Compatability release for VETtrak

Progress Portal

Compatability release for VETtrak

Student Portal

  • Customise dashboard. Added the ability for the student to customise their dashboard display.
  • Client Relationships. New menus have been added to the details page to interact with client relationships.
  • QA Client relationships. Added client relationships to the quality assurance process.
  • Bug fixes.
    • Password reset not working when account recovery email is not set in VETtrak desktop → security manager.

Trainer Portal (16 June 2023)

  • General. Added some additional caching for performance improvement.
  • My Students. Added the ability to filter student enrolment tabs for paged results for tabs: Units, Tasks, Classes and Events tab entries.
  • My Courses. Added the ability to filter paged results for tabs: Units, Tasks and Classes.
  • Client Relationships. Further updates to the client relationships.
  • File Notes. Modal submit button indicates if the note is public or private.
    Note: Public notes are visible in other portals eg. student portal - student notes against a client.
    Private note:

    Public note:

  • QA Items. If using Quality assurance (QA). A change in behaviour for QA Items that appear inline with original entries if the QA Item is in a rejected state the QA entry will no longer appear inline. The item will be accessible only on the QA manager rejected items tab. Behaviour across My Courses - Results summary, Tasks summary; My Students - Units, Tasks, Events.
    Initial inline QA entry:

    Rejected QA item no longer inline:

    QA Item manager:

  • Bug fixes:

    • When changing a student's primary email address.  The validation email when clicked failed to perform the change of email process.

    • Company name and phone in trainer portal global settings when changed failed to update on the portal.

Trainer Portal

  • Client Relationships. New menus have been added to the student manager page to interact with client relationships.
  • QA Client relationships. Added client relationships to the quality assurance process.
  • Client code endpoint. A new end point: https://<<portal>>/student/code?clientcode=<<client code>> has been added to allow external systems to link to the student page using the client’s code (requires authentication).
  • Portal preferences. Addition of an {QA comment} field to the QA Item rejected template. Note: Hit the reset button to restore the default template that has the new field in it. Adjust as desired.
  • Bug fixes
    • Enrolment Task history not showing updated datestamp on enrolment task edit.


New Features

  • Change Occurrence: Parent Workflow support.
    Parent Approved registrations permit the use of the Change Occurrence feature and offer the option to resend the Parent Approval email. Requesting approval for changing to another occurrence within the same programme is optional, whereas changing the programme requires the registration to be re-approved. NOTE: Changes requiring re-approval remain blocked for registrations paid by credit card.


  • Cancelled Registrations more clearly indicate their cancelled state and features not applicable once a registration has been cancelled are hidden or disabled.
  • Security update for packages used by Admin.

Bug Fixes

  • Terms & Conditions adding breaks when generating registration pdf to be attached to notification emails and/or uploaded to VTDocs now only adds breaks to plain text.
  • Registrations page export not supporting Rapid registrations.
  • Custom Forms:
    • Form submissions hiding incorrect columns when global settings to disable Name or Email were used.
    • Form template error on viewing a form with a file attached.
    • Form template failing to delete an attached file.
  • Change Occurrence feature:
    • Transferring payment details for waitlisted occurrences.
    • Timeout error causing loading animation to spin forever.
  • Staff Assisted Booking feature had USI incorrectly marked as a required field.

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