Webinar: VETtrak 23.2 Release Overview (+Q&A)


When will I be updated to VETtrak 23.2?

The Release Notes email sent to you prior to our webinar includes the date your business will be updated to VETtrak 23.2. Our registered early adopters were updated on May 3, 2023. Our VETembark customers will be updated on May 10. The rest of our hosted customers will be updated on May 15. For our self-hosted customers, the latest VETtrak release is available now from our Service Portal.

How do Client Relationships work with VETenrol enrolments? 

Client Relationships will be coming to VETenrol 23.2, due to be released in late July 2023.

Can we create our own relationship types or are they set up by default in VETtrak?

At this stage, the relationship types are set up by default in VETtrak. This is to allow our team to assess and evaluate other possibilities for each new relationship type as it's needed. If you would like to see additional relationships in VETtrak, please let us know.

I am an enterprise training provider and Client Relationships are not relevant to me right now. Can this be turned off in the Student Portal? 

Yes. There is a VEAD permission available in the default Student Portal role under VETtrak Security that controls this.

If existing Emergency Contact data is not being migrated across to the new Relationship fields, how can we export and re-import this data?

We will be preparing an instructional video on how to do this in our Knowledge Base. Please stay tuned!

If I duplicate an occurrence using the Class Importer, will the new occurrence include classes and tasks for the new dates?

Yes. The duplication feature is not impacted by the importer changes in VETtrak 23.2. 

Is the Class Importer intended for initial set-up to be duplicated as needed?


Can we change the colour of courses that have been cancelled?

Not at this stage. Course colours are determined by what has been set up on the occurrence and are not being driven by course status.

Do we need any additional features or software to integrate Xero with VETtrak?

No. You may need to re-authenticate your Xero instance the first time you use it after integration, but nothing else is required.

When will browser-based hosting be available?

Our browser-based hosting solution is still in testing. We anticipate that this will be available to customers toward the end of 2023.

Which Learning Management Systems are affected by the LMS integration changes?

The LMS integration changes currently apply to Canvas, ReadyLMS, and Moodle.

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