Training Booking Process


A range of paid consultation options exist for your VETtrak product, in addition to our free education materials. Please refer to the following page for everything you'll need to know about booking any of our consultation services. 

Make a Booking

Please follow the steps below to make your booking. 

  1. Navigate to the link provided.
  2. You may see only one appointment type, or many, depending on the link. Please select the appropriate type of training if you see multiple types. To do this, click "Book." (If you do not see multiple options, move to step 3)
  3. Select your Consultant. "Any Available" will provide a list of all available dates and times for all consultants. If you see only a calendar, there is only one Consultant available for this service.
  4. View the available dates and times on the calendar.
  5. Select your most suitable spot. 
  6. Input the booking details on the form.
  7. If there's no cost, select "Appointment Complete."
  8. If there's a cost, select "Redeem Coupon" if you have one. Alternatively, complete the booking and pay with a credit card.
  9. Read your confirmation and save the booking in your calendar.

Rescheduling a Booking

Please follow the steps below to reschedule your booking.

  1. Find the confirmation email you received when booking.
  2. Select "Change Appointment" at the bottom of the email.
  3. Select "Reschedule." 
  4. Choose a new date and time from the calendar.
  5. Select "Reschedule." 
  6. View your confirmation and add the new invite to your calendar.  

Booking a Consultation

There are a range of paid consultation options available to choose from, which are outlined below:

  • Out of the Box Consultation

    Out of the box Consultation (OOTB) sessions are pre-sold in blocks (each block representing a single online session of up to 2 hours) that covers the most frequently requested topics for VETtrak upskilling. There are more than 10 topics available at this time with more planned for the future.

    Here is the Link to find out more, and to book a day and time (credit card required*): Out of the Box Consultation

  • Customised Consultation

    Customised consultation sessions are pre-sold in blocks (each block representing a single online session of up to 2 hours). This consultation is completely flexible, you can identify one or more specific topics to cover with one of our consultants.
    Customised consultation commonly takes one of three forms:
    1. General Process Review - Review of how you are using the system and feedback regarding best practice
    2. Standard Consultation - Customer identified needs and topics
    3. OOTB Mix - A subset of sections from the OOTB offering

    Here is the Link to book a day and time, and to detail your specific needs (credit card required*): Customised Consultation

    If you're unsure about the topics to cover in the Customised Consultation session(s) and would like to prepare beforehand, then we offer an optional Express Education Prep session. This is an up to 20-minute planning session where we can highlight training that may be helpful or beneficial to you and/or set an agenda for the upcoming training session itself.

    If you are interested in an Express Education Prep session, please contact our education team via and we will provide a booking link for this.

     When an Express Education Prep session is required, we recommend booking it at least one week prior the Customised Consultation to allow for appropriate planning time. If you prefer to proceed directly into your consultation without this prep session, then be advised we may need to use the first part of the meeting to discuss what you would like to cover.


*Payments for sessions are made by credit card as part of the online booking process. If you wish to pay by other means, or require additional information, please contact your customers success manager.  


If you have already pre-purchased training, then you will have a coupon you can enter at the checkout stage of the booking process. Should you be unsure of your coupon code then please contact us at and we will provide this to you.

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