Standard Report Update - Version 2000


RELEASE DATE: 04/12/2023

New Right-Click Reports

Client Manager\Learning Literacy and Numeracy Assessments\Client LLN Assessment Report

Displays details on each individual LLN Assessment assigned to a client. It will display 1 page per assessment and list the skill details for that assessment including the working at levels and comments.

Updated Right-Click Reports

Configuration Manager -> Attributes -> Right-Click -> Attributes Report

  1. Column Update. Amended the Important column to return Yes for records with This Attribute is Important ticked, No for records with the checkbox un-ticked, rather than the other way round.

Employer Manager -> Employees -> Right-Click -> Employees Report

  1. Inactive Employees. Added a new category to the report, listing all inactive Employees per Employer.

Programme Manager -> Classes -> Right-Click -> Occurrence Attendance Report
Programme Manager -> Enrolments -> Right-Click -> Occurrence Enrolments Report

  1. Client Preferred Name. These reports will now include the Client's Preferred Name if one is entered, or if the Preferred Name is blank, the report will instead show the Client's Other Name if applicable.

Updated Standard Reports

ASQA Reports\ASQA Delivery Data Summary Report by Qualification

  1. Number of Current Enrolments. Fixed a discrepancy with the Enrolment Counts where the top-level numbers would exclude Enrolments if a Funding Source is not listed against the Enrolment.

Certificate Reports\Certificate SSR Style 1

  1. Formatting Fix. Fixed a bug in formatting where Date Completed and Date Issued would return 31/12/1899 if these fields are visible, but the values are not entered in the Award Wizard.

Certificate Reports\Certificate and Record of Results Combined SSR Style 1

  1. Bug Fix. Fixed an issue where the Client Name field on the Record of Results Page would remain invisible regardless of the settings entered.

Document Reports\Document Storage Report

  1. File Type Filter. Added a new filter to the report, filtering on File Types.
  2. New Entities. Updated the report to include Documents stored against Attendances and Staff Members.

Enrolment Reports\Enrolment Numbers Report by Occurrence

  1. Formatting Fix Fixed an issue on the Print Friendly Page where the Cancelled column heading did not align with the record counts.

  2. Display Options Added a new option to include Occurrences with Linked Enrolments. There is also a new option to include Occurrences without Enrolments in the report.
  3. Show Clients Updated the Show Clients option to include the Client's Preferred Name if one is entered in place of the Other Name. If the Occurrences without Enrolments option is enabled, '-- No Client Enrolments recorded--' will appear under Occurrences meeting this criteria.

Security Reports\User Entry Report

  1. Triggers & Actions. This report will now allow the user to filter records associated with Triggers & Actions. This will show which records have been added or edited.

Class Reports\Class Attendance by Jobactive Provider Report
Class Reports\Class Attendance Cross-Tab Report

Class Reports\Class Attendance Report

Class Reports\Class Attendance Report with Agreements

Class Reports\Class Roll Report

Class Reports\Class Timetable Report by Client

Class Reports\Client Attendance Report

Enrolment Reports\Client Enrolment Report by Client

Enrolment Reports\Client Enrolment Report by Employer

Enrolment Reports\Client Enrolment Report by Qualification
Enrolment Reports\Client Enrolment Report by Trainer

Enrolment Reports\Contract/Enrolment Status History Report

Enrolment Reports\Enrolment Export Report

Enrolment Reports\Enrolment File Note Report

Enrolment Reports\Enrolment Pricing Item Report

Enrolment Reports\Possibly Mismatched Enrolments Report

  1. Client Preferred Name. These reports will now include the Client's Preferred Name if applicable.

  2. Capacity. The Class Attendance Report has now been modified, so the Capacity column will display the Capacity set per Class, rather than count Clients per Class.

  3. Class Endorsed Date. The Class Roll Report will now include the date the Class was Endorses next to the Trainer Signature field if the 'Trainer Endorsement' checkbox is ticked prior to clicking OK.

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