VETtrak 24.1 Release Notes - 18/12/2023 (updated 15/02/2024)


VETtrak Desktop

Version released Jan 29, 2024.


  • Commencing program cohort identifiers. We have updated the Commencing program cohort identifier names to align with the standard Victorian Enrolment form guidelines.


  • Enrolment - Fee or waiver code: 

An issue editing NSW enrolments with a Fee or waiver code containing a blank space has been resolved.

An issue (for Firebird users only) saving a blank Fee or waiver code for NSW enrolments has been fixed.

  • Smart and Skilled Generation. When reporting an award with activity in a previous year, VETtrak now reports units from all enrolments that are linked to the commitment ID, not just from the enrolments that are linked to the award.


  • LLN Integration default staff. An issue assigning the default staff when creating an LLN assessment has been fixed.
  • Data Insight Data Dictionary. An issue opening the Data Insights Data Dictionary has been fixed.
  • Reports. An issue with the Division selector on standard or custom reports has been fixed. 
  • QA Manager. An issue that could cause an error when rapidly switching between QA items has been fixed.

VETtrak Desktop 24.1

Version released Jan 10, 2024.

This is our first release for 2024, focusing on annual compliance changes and bug fixes.

Our release webinar can be viewed here.



  • Archived Funding Sources:
    WVP - Working for Victoria (non Apprentice/Trainee
  • Archived Fee exemption changes

C - Construction Industry Skill Sets initiative and 

R - Job Trainer Skill Sets initiative.

  • Commencing Program Cohort Identifiers


AU - Automotive Supply Chain Worker.

Updated Descriptions for the following codes:

HS - Head Start Apprentice/Trainee,

JV - Jobs Victoria Employment Services,

LN - A learner with Literacy, Numeracy, or Digital Literacy needs,

RW - Retrenched Workers and

RC - Reconnect.

  • Fee Waiver codes

Added code F: Skills First Aboriginal Access fee waiver.

  • Generate State AVETMISS

In the wizard, it is now possible to edit the enrolments, as well as the award, related to a NAT130 row.

  • AVETMISS Validations added

When Program Status Identifier is 25, 30, 40, 41, 42, 50, 70, 85, the following must occur in the NAT130:

  • Date Program Completed is blank.
  • Issue flag set to N.

Generate AVETMISS validation if the generation year is 2024 or later, and the generation state is VIC, and the Status is 10 or 20, and either

  • There’s no Date Completed or,

  • The Issued flag does not correlate with the Program Enrolment Status. That is, status is 10 and Issued flag is "N", OR status is 20 and Issued flag is "Y".


  • Smart and Skilled update. We have added the following Fee Waiver codes:

    • W521: NFF Jan to June 2024 – General

    • W522: NFF Jan to June 2024 – NSW Veterans

    • W523: NFF Jan to June 2024 – NSW Veterans- Recognised Partners


  • Pacific Engagement Visa. A new Citizenship Status for the Pacific Engagement Visa has been added. This can now be reported to TCSI and eCAF for 2024.


Configuration manager filter: A new filter has been added to the configuration manager to help locate records in the tree. This filter only applies to the visible records.

NSW Fee Waiver codes: We have moved NSW Fee waiver codes from meta data to new REFLIST database table in preparation for allowing users to manage various reference data lists as they occur.

Client and Staff lists - Select new client: Several client and staff list selectors have been improved to automatically select the new client or staff member when using the 'New' button.

QA Manager auto-start unit warning. Fixed an issue that caused a "Units will not automatically start" warning to show when accepting attendance in the QA Manager when the attendance starts on the enrolment finish date and auto-start units on attendance is on.

"View occurrence in new tab" in Programme Manager. Fixed an issue that caused the "View occurrence in new tab" option to appear when right-clicking an enrolment in the Programme Manager.

Programme Manager. Fixed a performance issue with the location filter All On/Off.

Selected item information - Description: An issue saving descriptions via the selected item information / info panel in several managers has been fixed

Configure capabilities: An issue opening the Capability Item Enable Wizard when attempting to configure capabilities from the Utility menu has been fixed.

Data Insights Data Dictionary: The help link to access the Data Insight Data Dictionary has been restored.

Public API

Public API

Version released Jan 10th, 2024. Compatibility release for VETtrak


Some of these changes may be breaking changes if you are using a generated SOAP client. You may need to re-generate your client.

Added functions

  • GetVicCommencingProgramCohortList: Gets a reference data list of all VIC Commencing Program Cohort Identifiers.

Updated functions

  • UpdateWebEnrolment: Added vicCohortCodes parameter allowing a list of VIC Commencing Program Cohort Identifiers to be recorded for the web enrolment. These will be added to the enrolment when it is processed.

Updated Classes

  • TWebe - Added fields 
    • VicCohortCodes: List of VIC Commencing Program Cohort Identifier codes

Public API

Version released Feb 15th, 2024

Fixed a database connection leak in ProcessWebEnrolment.

Additional data field changes

These changes affect the QueryAdditionalData, GetAdditionalDataFieldsForEntity, GetAdditionalDataForWebRecord, UpdateAdditionalDataForWebRecord, UpdateClientAdditionalFields and UpdateEmployerAdditionalFields functions.

Changed fields:

  • Client
    • Citizenship: Added new value 7 for Pacific Engagement Visa holder.

VTDocs Portal

VTDocs Portal

Compatibility release for VETtrak

Progress Portal

Progress Portal

Compatibility release for VETtrak

  • Bug fix
    • File types for various Enrolment types not showing on the portal under training.

Progress Portal (released 16/01/2024)

  • Bug fix
    • Current Accreditation 'change to list view' button resulted in an error.

Student Portal

Student Portal

Compatibility release for VETtrak

Student Portal (released 15/01/2024)

  • Enhancement
    • Performance improvements for file uploads
  • Bug fix
    • Fixed issue with QR Code button on 'Upcoming Classes' widget on Dashboard.

Trainer Portal

Trainer Portal

Compatibility release for VETtrak

  • Enhancement
    • Employer Manager: Added position name to employer contact details.

Trainer Portal (released 15/01/2024)

Bug fix

  • Fixed minor issue with add note button text not matching note type after adding a note.
  • Fixed an issue preventing file note option in drop-down on student page.
  • Fixed an issue in Unit Files where a unit could be listed multiple times.


Version released Jan 11, 2024.



  • Skills First 2024
  • NSW Smart and Skilled 2024
  • A new Citizenship Status for the Pacific Engagement Visa has been added.

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