Triggers and Actions – Frequently Asked Questions

Triggers and Actions allow you to set up actions that are automatically performed when users perform operations within VETtrak. This article serves as a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) resource, providing answers to common queries and shedding light on how Triggers and Actions can revolutionise your workflow. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting to explore the possibilities of automation, this FAQ guide will help you navigate this powerful feature with confidence and clarity.



Q: I can't see the Triggers & Actions feature in VETtrak, how can I access this?
A: The Triggers & Actions feature in VETtrak is available on all subscription levels. To access this, open VETtrak and go to Manage > Triggers and Actions. If you cannot see this option under your Manage menu, check that your VETtrak role includes access to the Trigger item. This can be done by going to Manage > Security (more information). 

Q: Although Triggers and Actions is included on all subscriptions, does access to VT Docs cost extra? 
A: VT Docs is included on all subscription levels and at no additional charge for hosted customers. If you don't already have VT Docs enabled, please reach out to and request for it to be enabled on your account. 

Q: Is there any additional setup required to get started with Triggers and Actions? 
A: In order to get started with Triggers and Actions, we recommend taking the time to read through the following documentation and ensure each of these functionalities are configured. If you require additional support, please reach out to

Q: Are triggers and actions available in the Trainer Portal? 
A: No, Triggers and Actions are not available in the Trainer Portal. 

Q: Will Triggers and Actions work within Web Enrolments? 
A: Yes, Triggers and actions will work within the web enrolments section of VETtrak. 


Q: Where can I make suggestions relating to the Triggers and Actions feature? 
A: If you have ideas for how this feature could be improved, please suggest them here

Q: Can we add triggers when recording unit results? 
A: Trigger & Actions can be applied to Attendance, Award, Client Enrolment, Invoice, Payment and Waitlist wizards. Other wizards, such as the Enrolment Results Wizard, are not available to add triggers to and therefore you cannot trigger actions when recording unit results. 

Q: Is it possible to add Trigger & Actions for Events? 
A: No, events are not currently a record type to choose from. 

Q: Can we trigger completion of unit of competency to alert the students of progress? 
A: No, units are not currently a record type to choose from.

Q: Can the Award trigger only be performed on an 'individual' basis or can you do a whole batch at once? 
A: The award trigger can be used for performing actions on an individual basis (eg. Sending an email to an individual student who is enrolling). They can also be used when performing actions in bulk (eg. Enrolling students in bulk and sending each student an email). You can also configure it to complete more than one action at a time (eg. Send email, create invoice).

Q: Can there be checks in place (like checking for payments to avoid errors) before an action completes? 
A: The best thing to do in this case would be to set the requirement as a trigger. As an example, Triggers and Actions will NOT stop you creating an award if a student hasn't paid, however you can configure so that it will not perform the actions if payment being made is a trigger for the action.

Q: Can a trigger be set up when students are sitting in web enrolments? 
A: No, however when you process their enrolment, you can trigger enrolment creation. 

Q: Do you have any Triggers and Actions for saving and sending Training Plans to students? 
A: No, Training plans are not currently a record type to choose from. 

Q: Can dates trigger an action? 
A: A date specifically can't trigger an action, however one of the trigger criteria could be a date (eg. Only complete these actions on enrolments that are between these dates). 

Q: We want to send out surveys on course completion. Can Triggers and Actions do this? 
A: Yes, you could use an email merge template that includes your survey and send it off when an award has been created. 

Q: Is there a way to set up a trigger and action so that when I mark a student’s enrolment status from ‘Active’ to ‘Complete’, ‘Withdrawn’, ‘Cancelled’ or ‘Expired’, it could change the finish date of the course to that same date of status change? 
A: No, this is not possible. You can't edit the enrolment date with a trigger and action. 

Q: I can see that there is an action called 'Display alert message'. What is this used for? 
A: You can use this to display text onto the screen (like an alert). A common use case for this to remind staff of steps they may need to take within the process outside of VETtrak. However, as it’s free text you can use it for anything. 

Q: Will an invoice trigger to send a copy of an invoice work if using the schedule invoice feature? 
A: Yes, if there is a trigger and action to send invoices on creation, you will still be prompted to send them when you run the schedule invoice feature (more information here). 

Q: Will Triggers and Actions work without me doing anything, based off a date set (eg. Send an email 3 days before a course start date)? 
A: No, that is not possible. It requires you to perform a task for the action to happen. 

Q: Does Triggers and Action allow me to automate everything? 
A: No, Triggers and Actions does not allow full automation. They prompt you to do something when something else is done. Triggers and Actions are useful to help ensure the correct process is followed when performing a task and that the correct information (eg. Email) is provided to the student. 

Q: Will Triggers and Actions send out reports at a set period of time? 
A: No, however if these are internal reports to be sent out to staff or key sets of people, you can make use of the Report Scheduler (more information). 

Q: Is it possible to see who created a Trigger and Action in VETtrak? 
A: This is not visible in VETtrak however it is stored in the database and could be revealed in a custom report. We may look at including this information in the standard User Entry Report in the future. 

Q: Is it possible to automatically email a parent/guardian a copy of the student’s award when creating an award in VETtrak? 
A: Yes, by utilising the Relationships feature in VETtrak you can choose to include clients who have a relationship with the student when the action to email the award to the student is triggered. 

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