AVETMISS FAQ & Errors - Queensland


  • What is the name of the national AVETMISS Reporting Body for Queensland?
    Department of Youth Justice, Employment, Small Business and Training (DYJESBT)
  • How are AVETMISS files reported to DYJESBT?
    The generated NAT files are uploaded and validated through the Partner Portal (Formerly DETConnect)
  • Where can I find more information about DYJESBT AVETMISS reporting requirements?
    Visit the Queensland Government RTO Data Collection website to view information about the AVETMISS Standard, and your reporting requirements as an RTO.
  • How do I contact DYJESBT?
    Visit the Contact Us page on the DYJESBT website to see contact information.
  • How often should I report to DYJESBT?
    According to the RTO Data Documentation, RTO's are required to submit data as often as their Funded Program Documentation requires, so this may differ for your Organisation.
    Non-Funded training is only required Annually as per NCVER's guidelines of Total VET Activity.
  • Is there a list of common errors I can look through?
    Yes, DYJESBT do have a page dedicated to VET Activity validation errors. With the recommended resource to resolve such errors being the SAS Guide to Contract Errors (PDF)


Error/Warning CodeError/Warning MessageSolution
Error 869Invalid Contract, qualification or Apprentice/Trainee training contract registration number suppliedWithin VETtrak, find the client in the Client Manager, edit their Contract and check that the following values match those detailed in the Delivery Schedule provided by DYJESBT
  • Qualification selected match the Qualification detailed in the Delivery Schedule
  • The Learner Unique ID (Client -> Edit Personal Information) matches the Learner's ID from the Delivery Schedule
  • The Regn. No on the Contract within VETtrak matches what is being reported.
Error 32003Module/Competency End date must be before or equal to todayThe Unit Result Finish Date cannot be in the future.
If the student is still in training, within VETtrak edit the Unit Result to either Continuing (70) or Not Yet Started (85) in the Unit Results Wizard based on if the unit has been started or not.

Otherwise the date should be changed to align with the student's records.
Error 34002Withdrawn with no "Hours Attended" reportedWithin VETtrak, marking a student as Withdrawn prompts how many hours had been completed in training. If 0 hours has been recorded, you will need to change that unit result from 'Withdrawn' to either
1) Not Yet Started
2) No Result (How to: Removing Unit Results)
Check with DYJESBT as to how you should report these units.
Error 34009Invalid Tuition Fees Supplied

(Can also be pre-empted via the following VETtrak Alert)

Within VETtrak, edit the Enrolment and check the Pricing Items, ensuring there is at least one Pricing Item labelled as 'Tuition Fee'.

If the above is true, then check the Configuration Manager and edit the Funding Source.

Ensure the checkbox "This funding source reports a tuition fee" is enabled against the Funding Source used for that enrolment within the Configuration menu.

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