Course Enquiry Widget

The Course Enquiry Widget is designed for an iFrame on your website that will work independently to your VETenrol links (including iFrame src links) without causing session conflicts.

Enquiries sent through the Course Enquiry Widget will be displayed in VETenrol Admin on the Enquiries page available from the Activity () menu.


There are two ways of linking to the Course Enquiry Widget:

  • All-purpose enquiry, suitable for any page on your website.
  • Course-specific enquiry, suitable for pages on your website about a particular course.

The iFrame source to connect to the Course Enquiry Widget is:
Where X is replaced with your Client ID (for example VT-DEMO).


Additionally, the Course Enquiry Widget can accept a programme ID:
Where X is replaced with your Client ID (for example VT-DEMO) and Y is a valid programme ID obtained from the Summary Report.

The programme ID is not visible to the user but will be identified in the Enquiry record for the user when they submit the enquiry. This can be used as the iFrame source for course-specific pages.



The Course Enquiry Widget inherits branding from the Courses Widget for Rapid Registrations.

Some additional branding options specific to the Course Widget are available for the Course Enquiry Widget, such as hiding the field labels. Styling change requests should be submitted to Support.


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