Enquiries in VETenrol Administration

Submitted Enquiries can be viewed and managed by choosing Activity () and then Enquiries from the menu.


There are two key areas of the Enquiries page:

  1. List — At-a-glance information provided for each record.
  2. Filters — Restrict list of records the based on a given criteria.

In addition, the page has two buttons to perform actions:

  1. The New Enquiry button allows for an enquiry to be added manually.
  2. The Export button will save a .xlsx spreadsheet of the displayed records.

List of Enquiry records

The list can be sorted by the column headings, excluding Programme(s) and Enquiry. A single click on a column heading will sort the list in ascending order by that column's contents and a second click on the same column header will sort in descending order.

The list has the following columns:

  • Name — The user's full name. The names listed in this column can be clicked to open the Enquiry Details for the associated record.
  • Date — The date and time the enquiry was sent.
  • Source — Indicates where the enquiry originated.
    • VETenrol Course Enquiry Form — Submitted from the stand-alone form, or an inactive programme.
    • VETenrol Enquiry Form — An occurrence level enquiry or via direct link to the enquiry page.
    • Eligibility Form — Submitted as a result of a VETenrol Eligibility form outcome
      Legacy: Contact messages are now stored in the Eligibility record and not separated into Enquiries.
    • Manually Recorded — Record was created within the VETenrol Admin.
    • With the Zendesk Chat API integration, additional sources may include: Live Chat, Facebook, Phone Enquiry, Website Enquiry.
  • Status — The status of the enquiry (for administrative purposes).
    This may be:
    • Active — The enquiry is new/unanswered. This is the default status.
    • Cancelled — The enquiry has been cancelled.
    • Complete — A response has been sent that answers the enquiry.
  • Email — The user's email address.
  • Phone — The user's telephone or mobile number, if provided.
  • Programme(s) — The course or courses selected by the user.
  • Enquiry — The message sent by the user.

Each record in the list has two buttons to perform actions:

  1.  — View notes/comments for the enquiry.
  2. — Email the user a message from a template of the type Enquiry Form Response.

Filters for the List

Filter the list of enquiries to show only matching records using the choices provided in the Filter by menu. The Apply and Reset buttons control application and removal of the chosen filter. The Status filter can be used independently or together with the filter by menu options.

The available filters are:

  • Date Range — Filter by a date range.  The entries will be matched based on the date the enquiry was made.
  • Name — Filter by the customer's name. The entry will be matched to any part of the name(s) supplied for the enquiry.
  • Programme — Filter by programme name. The entry will be matched to any part of the programme selected by the customer.

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