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The Email Templates feature facilitates the sending of emails from within the VETenrol Admin by allowing common responses to be stored and then selected when emailing. Templates pre-fill details of the email message, which can then be edited further before being sent.

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Template Usage

Templates are used when emailing the user from various Activity pages within the VETenrol Admin using the  icon. Templates can also be used to replace, on a per programme basis, the default confirmation email sent out to users on completing a registration.

Each template has a type that determines where in the VETenrol Admin it can be used. There are a number of generic templates available by default to cover each of the main template types, and these can be edited to suit your organisation.

Template Types

These are the template types that identify the context for use:

  1. Enquiry Form Responses
    These are for responding to Enquiries and will be the available templates when emailing from Enquiries or Enquiry Details pages.
  2. Registration Responses
    For use with Registrations, these can be selected when emailing from Registrations or Registration Details.
  3. Pay Now Templates
    Only applicable to registrations with the credit card Pending Payment status, or Deferred Payments. Templates of this type will be available when emailing from the default Registrations page or Registration Details.
  4. Receipts
    This indicates a template that can be used as an override for the confirmation email.

The template type also determines which placeholders will be available for inclusion in the message.

Email Templates in the VETenrol Admin

Email Templates can be managed by choosing Tools () from the menu.

They are also available via several links on the Configuration page.

VETenrol Admin Mail Templates

Key aspects of the Mail Templates page:

  • The New button — Opens a pop-up to create a new template.
  • The Emails button — Navigates to the Confirmation Email page for setting overriding templates (only for Receipt type).
  • Template List — Displays the existing templates and allows them to be managed. The list will not appear until there is at least one template.

Creating a Template

To create a new template, click the New button on the Mail templates page. This will open the Mail Template pop-up.

VETenrol Admin Mail Template Editor

  1. Select the Template Type for where it will be used.
    • Enquiry Form Responses are for use with Enquiries.
    • Registration Responses are for use with Registrations.
    • Pay Now Templates are for use with Registrations that have the payment status of Pending Payment or Deferred Payments.
    • Receipts are for use with Overrides.
  2. Enter a Template Name to identify the template for later use.
  3. Enter the Subject Line that will be used for the email.
  4. Enter the message. To assist in formatting your message, the following are available:
    1. Placeholder variables.
      • Select the variable and click the insert button to add it to your message. It will be inserted at the current or last known cursor position.
      • When using the template, the placeholder variable will be replaced with the appropriate value for the user.
        Note that some template types have their own placeholders, such as Receipts and Pay Now.
    2. Toolbar. Holding your mouse over icons will identify their function.
  5. Click the Save button.

The created template will appear in the list. This template can now be used. It is also possible to assign attachments to the template at this stage.

Managing Templates

Once a template has been created, the Template List table allows them to be managed. This includes assigning attachments and making changes to existing templates.

The following management features are available:

  • Template — This link allows the template to be edited.
  • Attachments — Displays the total number of attachments assigned to the template and links to the Attachment screen for editing them.
  • duplicate link — Clicking this link will create a copy of the template.
  • delete link — Clicking this link will permanently remove the template and attachments.

Assigning Attachments

Attachments are managed on a per template basis, where file(s) must be uploaded for each individual template.

To upload files to be sent with the template message:

  • Click the link ( number) in the Attachments column for the template.

The Template Attachments page will be displayed:

  • Click the Browse button. Then navigate to the required file and double-click to select it.
  • Click the Upload button.


There is a file size limit of 10mb per upload. Choosing a file larger than allowed will cause an error.

The uploaded file will be displayed in the list. If there are more files applicable to the template, click Clear and repeat the browse and upload steps until all the required files have been added, then:

  • Click the Back button to return to the Mail Templates page.

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