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The Shopping Cart is an extension of the Rapid Registration feature that provides a way for users to register and pay for multiple courses at the same time. Users can still register for a single course, but must use the shopping cart style interface to do so.

The Shopping Cart extends the Rapid Registration feature, making the following alterations:

  • The Courses widget no longer immediately starts the registration process for a course. Rather, one or more courses can be added to the cart from the Courses widget and users checkout when they're ready to register and pay.
  • Direct occurrence linking is not possible with the Shopping Cart. The Courses widget must be used to start the Rapid Registration process.

The Shopping Cart is a feature that is available by request.

The Rapid Registration feature is required for your VETenrol account and will be replaced with the Shopping Cart functionality. The requirements for Rapid Registrations are also applicable to Shopping Cart.

Shopping Cart Courses

The Courses Widget is the only entry point for using the Shopping Cart.

The cart icon is added to the top right corner

Clicking the icon expands the cart to view contents

The Shopping Cart icon ( ) will adjust to indicate the number of items included as the user adds courses (  ). When the cart is expanded the user can:

  • Remove courses by clicking the red x beside the course.
  • View  Full Cart — open the shopping cart as a stand-alone page to show the contents.
  • Checkout — register and pay for the courses listed in the cart.

Shopping Cart View

The cart can be viewed independent of the Courses widget.

  • The Continue Shopping button returns the user to the Courses widget to browse.
  • The Checkout button starts the Rapid registration process.
  • Existing items in the cart can be deleted from the cart using the remove link.


Choosing checkout triggers the Rapid registration process to collect details and payment. Users can click:

  • Continue Shopping to return to the courses widget to browse.
  • View Cart to see the shopping cart on its own and manage the contents.

Users cannot delete items from the cart at this point.

The user details provided apply to all of the courses in the cart and these will appear as separate Web Enrolments in VETtrak each with the same client information, and depending on the auto-process setting of the occurrence(s) or for Rapid Registrations these will then be processed as occurrence enrolments and associated with the same client record in VETtrak.


Registrations placed using the Shopping Cart appear in the list of Registrations as a single entry with comma separated details for each of the courses shown in the relevant columns.

Comparison between a rapid registration placed with and without the Cart feature enabled


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