Rapid Registrations Overview

Rapid Registrations are a greatly condensed version of the registration process, that is aimed at non-accredited training, and short courses with minimal compliance requirements.

In order to use the Rapid Registrations feature, you will need to put a request through to Support for this feature to be enabled for your VETenrol account.

Requirements for using Rapid Registration:

  • Occurrence(s) with a single published price type.
  • At least one of the following applies to pricing:
    • A payment gateway is (or will be) integrated to accept credit card payments.
    • Occurrences for rapid registration are free (published price is $0).


Occurrences with published prices for VETenrol Accounts WITHOUT a payment gateway will offer users the credit card payment option and error if they attempt to use the payment method.

Alternative Rapid payment preferences can be enabled, such as Invoice, to offer users additional payment methods, however the credit card option CANNOT be removed.

It is vital if you do not want to accept credit card payments that the occurrences offered via Rapid Registrations DO NOT have prices published.

Once the feature is activated, you will need to:

  1. Enter your Terms & Conditions via Configuration > Rapid Registration, in your Admin.
  2. Provide links for the Rapid Registrations.
    This could be via your website, or to individuals/groups via email.


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