Linking to the Rapid Registration Process

The Rapid Registration process can be triggered via:

  • The Courses page

  • A direct link to the process via occurrence ID

NOTE: The Rapid Registrations feature must be activated to work, please contact Support.


Courses Page (aka Rapid Course Widget)

The Courses page provides a summary of the available occurrences based on the programme and location selected. It is intended for embedding via an iFrame in your website. For best results, a long, narrow space is recommend.

The link is the URL to the server followed by ?clientID= and your ClientID exactly as displayed in your Client Administration Settings and then &page=courses.aspx.

For example:

The courses page can accept further parameters:

LimitSets the maximum number of occurrences to display. Also requires a progID.
LocationRestricts the occurrences to a single location. The location text provided must match the Location set for the occurrence(s). Also requires a progID.
ProgIDRemoves the programme selection field and shows only occurrences of the programme matching the ID.



NOTE: The courses page can also be used for standard registrations if the Rapid Registrations feature has not been activated for your VETenrol account.


Direct Links

This method begins the Rapid Registration process immediately for a specific occurrence.

The link is the URL to the server followed by ?clientID= and your ClientID (exactly as used to login to your Admin) and then &page=RegisterRapid.aspx and &occuID= and the Occurrence ID for the course instance appended to the address.

For Example:



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