Capabilities Analyser

The 'Analyse Capabilities' functionality is still being improved - Please feel free to try it!

VETtrak has the ability to display a unique wizard that allows you to review your configured Capabilities within VETtrak, as a means to audit your clients known abilities to ensure that they are suitable for a position of employment or employment task.

To access area, go to the Utility menu, navigate to Capability and select Analyse capabilities:

This will display the Capability Analysis Wizard:

The Analysis Wizard will show your capability data in a grid, listing people with capabilities assigned to them and information regarding the active period of the capability as well as when it will expire.

  1. Like similar wizards, you can use this area to save a customised Layout for your data.
  2. The Data area allows a quick selection of an As at date to display relevant capability details.
  3. Field Selection
  4. Displays the current configuration of data headings selected from the left hand side (Header Display)
  5. The Data Grid displays your capabilities information in a table, which by default will show:
    • Clients that have Capabilities (Left-hand side)
    • Your configured Capabilities (Top-right row)
    • Date information depicting which capability is still active/valid within a period and;
    • How long until a Capability is rendered inactive/invalid. The colour coding within this area provides a quick reference to what is Active/Expiring/Expired.
  6. The Prefilter option button allows quick creation of filters to sort your data - This is covered in more detail below, in it's own section.
  7. Show filters will display any and all filters in effect as a quick method of reviewing what's currently sharing the data. 
  8. Export allows a range of options to output the data in a format of your choosing.


A simple method to shape the data displayed in your analyser grid is using the Prefilters option. Prefilters are customisable criteria that you can set up yourself to dynamically change how the data is displayed based off your own needs, such as seeing particular a Capability on their own.

To add a prefilter, press the Prefilter button in the bottom right-hand side of the window:

This will display the Filter Builder:

You can add a new condition by pressing the button labeled Press the button to add a new condition.

This will add a row for your prefilter.

You can then click on the coloured areas of the prefilter to start customising how it works.

For example, pressing the Green text (in this case, where it says Capability Code) will allow access to a drop down list of applicable fields, allowing you to change the field being used in your prefilter condition:

This example will use Capability code.

You can then click the Blue text where it says <empty> to see a drop down of Capability Codes to choose from:

By selecting a particular Capability Code, this has configured this prefilter to state the following:

Only display data where the <Capability Code> is equal to 'Operate'.

You can see this in practice here, where the grid now only shows data that is relevant to the Capability with the code of 'Operate':

The dark grey bar at the bottom of the grid window then displays this Prefilter option, and you can tick/untick the checkbox to change the display between showing all of the Capability records or just the ones that meet the prefilter conditions.

Multiple prefilters can be set up in this way, allowing options to dynamically shape the data you are viewing.

To delete a prefilter, you can press the [X] button () to the left-hand side.

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