VETtrak 19.1.1 Release Notes - 21/05/2019

Important - please read this first

Web products - If you are using the Trainer Portal, Student Portal, VTDocs Portal or Progress Portal, you must also update them to the version for VETtrak 19.1.1.

Version 19.1.1 is a minor update from version 19.1.0.

Changes in patch (30/07/2019)

  1. Generate AVETMISS Excel/CSV export. An issue causing the exported NAT85 Excel/CSV file to be the same as the NAT80 has been fixed. Note that this issue did not affect the export of NAT text files for AVETMISS reporting.
  2. Bulk Staff Changer. An issue causing the Bulk Staff Changer to not update any enrolments has been fixed.
  3. Events in Configuration Manager. An issue causing the "Clients/Employers/Occurrences with event" nodes in the Configuration Manager, when applying a date filter, to not include events that have times where its finish date is on the finish date of the date filter has been fixed. These event nodes now show the times as well if applicable.
  4. Assign users to role. An issue in the Security Manager preventing you from assigning additional roles to VETtrak users that are already utilising a VETtrak licence, when all your licences are utilised, has been fixed.
  5. Report PDF/A security. In Global Preferences -> Report Preferences -> Settings tab, ticking the PDF/A option will now disable the PDF export security settings to make it clearer that the PDF security settings cannot apply to PDF/A.
  6. DebitSuccess payment plans for under 18s. DebitSuccess have added support for payment plans for minors (clients under 18 years of age), which includes the collecting of additional guardian information. A new "Allow payment plans for minors" tickbox has been added to the DebitSuccess payment plan provider settings in VETtrak - if this is turned on, VETtrak will allow you to create DebitSuccess payment plans for clients that are under 18. If you wish to use this, you first need to contact DebitSuccess to turn on the under 18 guardian workflow functionality in your facility.
  7. Moodle LMS preferences. The Moodle LMS Preferences page is now available in Global Preferences when using the Moodle Resulting Plug-in.
  8. Capability updates. When editing the dates on skills, enrolled tasks or awards that are linked to capability items, you will now have the opportunity to review and update the capability dates.

Changes in patch (7/06/2019)

  1. Bulk results delivery strategy. If you are using the Delivery Strategy field in results, you can turn on a new Global Preference in Result Unit and Award Preferences -> Standard tab to "Show delivery strategy when recording results", to make this field available again in the Bulk Enrolment Results and Occurrence Results wizards.
  2. Data Insights duplicate field. Fixed an issue with marking a query as modified when using the "duplicate field" function.
  3. Contract Training Plan. An issue causing the Assessment Modes and Cluster columns to appear empty in the Training Plan wizard for a contract has been fixed.
  4. Password-protected custom reports. The Custom Report Manager will no longer ask for the report password when selecting a password-protected custom report. The password is still required to run or edit the report.
  5. Custom Report Delete key. The ability to delete report files in the Custom Report Manager by using the Delete key has been restored.
  6. Moodle Result Transfer Plug-in. Support has been added for the new Moodle Result Transfer Plug-in.

Client/staff changes

  1. Manage users. A new Manage Users option has been added to the File menu allowing a simpler alternative to the Security Manager for managing users that have access to VETtrak. This all-in-one wizard allows you to see who has access, see when they last logged in, change their role(s), and add or remove user access. This wizard can also be used to manage access to most other applications in the Security Manager, by expanding the Application/Role Management node, right-clicking the application and choosing "Manage users". For more details on how this wizard works, refer to this article.
  2. Bulk staff change as-of date. A new As-of Date field has been added to the Bulk Staff Change wizard. If specified, only contracts, enrolments and events on or after that date are included in the search. The wizard will no longer be "Not responding" when updating large numbers of records.
  3. Group security. The Client wizard will no longer show the groups page if the user has no access to Client Groups, and the functionality available on that page will now depend on the user's permissions to Client Groups.
  4. Credential codes. The Staff Manager will now show credential codes as well as names.
  5. Change credential types. You can now add, edit and delete credential types in the Configuration Manager. A new security entity has been added to allow access to be controlled.
  6. Old client importer add to group. The old Client Importer will no longer ask for confirmation to add to group for every client in the import that was not added or edited, if the "Perform inserts/updates automatically" and "Add existing clients to import group" preferences are ticked.
  7. Unit delivering staff report. A new Unit Delivering Staff right-click report has been added to the Delivering Staff node under a unit node in the Qualification Manager.

Enrolment/result changes

  1. Duplicate occurrence recurrence pattern. A new "Add recurring" button has been added to the Duplicate Occurrence wizard, allowing you to specify a recurrence pattern of dates to duplicate the occurrence to. Refer to this article for details.
  2. Default dates. A new Dates tab has been added to Global Preferences -> General Preferences. This allows you to configure rules as to how the default start and finish dates should be set, if at all, when adding new enrolments, occurrences or contracts. Refer to this article for details.
  3. Extend unit dates. In the Extend Unit Dates wizard, the "Original" dates columns have been renamed to "Current", and will now be updated in the grid after saving changes. A new "Limit unit finish to enrolment end date" tickbox has been added, which is ticked by default - if unticked, the wizard will allow unit end dates to be extended beyond the enrolment end date.
  4. NSW Provider Calculator delivery type. In the NSW state page in the Enrolment wizard, the Delivery Type field, which is no longer required for AVETMISS reporting, has been moved to the "Eligibility info (part 2)" tab, to make it more obvious that it is still required for the NSW Provider Calculator.
  5. VIC PUSH calculation. When calculating an initial VIC PUSH value based on unit hours, the hours for any units with a Credit Transfer or RPL result are no longer included.
  6. Delivery strategy. The Delivery Strategy field has been removed from the Occurrence Results wizard and Bulk Enrolment Results wizard, as it is no longer needed for WA reporting.
  7. Attendance auto-start units warning. When configured to auto-start units due to attendance, VETtrak will no longer show the "Units will not automatically start" warning when recording attendance for classes that have no units linked.

Generate AVETMISS changes

  1. VIC program commencement date. When Generate State AVETMISS in VIC is calculating missing program commencement dates by finding the earliest unit start date, it will now include any units with credit transfer or RPL results, in accordance with advice from SVTS.
  2. Delete AVETMISS log files. A new button has been added to the AVETMISS Generation Log wizard to allow AVETMISS files that were logged in the document database to be deleted.

Task changes

  1. Task names. The Client Manager will now show enrolled task names as well as codes.
  2. Completing units with cancelled tasks. The "When completing units with outstanding tasks" preference will no longer cause a warning or error due to cancelled tasks.

SMS/email changes

  1. SMS register. An issue causing the Sent For and Sent For Details columns to not display correctly for SMS messages sent for waitlist entries, awards and attendance has been fixed.
  2. Email log. A new "Last email log" button is available in the Email wizards after sending an email. This displays a technical log of the communication that occurred between VETtrak and your email server when sending the emails, useful for helping to diagnose any email sending issues.

Event changes

  1. Event log filter. The Event Log panel in the Client Manager and Employer Manager now allows you to filter the list of events by event type and/or a text search of the event descriptions, similar to the File Notes panel.
  2. Occurrence events on dashboard. The "Upcoming events assigned to me" section on the dashboard will now also include upcoming occurrence events where the staff member is the logged-in user.
  3. Event holiday clash warning. The Event wizards will now show any holiday clash warnings on the Finish page, instead of popping up an alert message when pressing Next, to make the warnings less intrusive.

Finance changes

  1. Invoice item descriptions. Editing a description for an invoice item in the Invoice wizard will now pop-up a text editor allowing you to enter multiple lines of text.
  2. DebitSuccess establishment fees. A new option to "Download establishment fee payments" has been added to the Payment Plan Provider wizard for DebitSuccess. If ticked, the Download Payments from DebitSuccess wizard will also download establishment fees and record them as payments. Note that for this to work properly, you should not include the establishment fee amount when setting up the DebitSuccess payment plan (as DebitSuccess adds this), but include the establishment fee amount on the invoice so that the payment can be recorded against it.

Data Insights changes

  1. Client events. You can now make Data Insights queries starting from Client Event. The Update Field bulk action is available, allowing you to update the Complete flag or Staff Member in bulk on the selected client events.
  2. Enrolled units.You can now make Data Insights queries starting from Enrolled Unit, to find individual units in client enrolments. The bulk actions available are:
    1. Update Assessment Modes
    2. Update Delivery Modes
    3. Update Field, allowing you to update a number of training plan fields in bulk
  3. Change enrolment staff. The Replace Enrolment Staff bulk action for client enrolments in Data Insights has been enhanced. You can now choose whether to remove none, all, or selected existing staff from the enrolments, as well as optionally choose staff members to add to the enrolments.
  4. Change attributes. A new Change Attributes bulk action is available when querying Clients or Employers in Data Insights. This allows you to optionally select attributes to remove from the clients/employers (where they were assigned), and optionally select attributes to add to the clients/employers (where they are not already assigned), so you can add, remove or replace attributes on clients or employers in bulk.
  5. Occurrence costs. A new Costs relationship is now available for Occurrences in Data Insights, to get data for occurrence costs.
  6. Invoices. Invoice relationships have been added to the Client and Employer tables in Data Insights, allowing you to get data from invoices that are made out to clients or employers.
  7. VET Student Loans Unit of Study completion. A new Update Completion Status bulk action is now available when querying VET Student Loans Units of Study in Data Insights. This allows you to record a Unit of Study completion status and date in bulk.
  8. Capabilities. Various relationships and fields have been added to Data Insights allowing you to query and export information about capabilities for clients and positions. The Capabilities report is now available when bulk-running reports for clients.
  9. Locate, duplicate or swap field. You can now right-click a query field to locate that field in the Available Fields list (which will automatically navigate the relationships to that field), duplicate the field, or quickly swap the field with another one in the same table. These options are also available in the Importers, and in Triggers and Actions.
  10. Validation errors. Validation errors for "must not match" criteria fields have been improved.

Triggers and Actions changes

  1. Invoice and Payment triggers. You can now set up triggers and actions to run when invoices or payments are added or edited. The actions available are Run Report, Send Email, and Show Alert Message. These may be particularly useful when processing web enrolments in VETtrak that create invoices or payments, as you can use triggers to generate an invoice or receipt report and email it to the student.
  2. Run Report action. In Award triggers, the Run Report pop-up will now let you know if criteria for the Award Type is missing, as this is required before being able to select a report. An issue when using multiple Run Report actions in the same trigger has been fixed.

Report changes

  1. Report version on dashboard. A new panel on the dashboard will now indicate what version of the standard reports are installed, and indicate whether an update is available. Clicking the link to update will open the Report Preferences and start the update process.
  2. Report update details. After updating reports, VETtrak will now ask whether you would like to view details of the changes to standard report in the latest version.
  3. Default Excel export options. When exporting a report to Excel, the "Continuous" option will now default to on, and the "Page breaks" option will now default to off.
  4. Submit report request. A "New report request" option has been added to the Report menu that will open the submit report request page on the support centre.


  1. Match sets. You can now use data from related tables to identify the records you are importing. For example, in the Client Importer, you could use fields in the External Codes relation to identify the clients to update. To allow this, a new Match column has been added to the layout. In this column, you choose the set number that corresponds to the table in your layout that this field should be used to identify. For example, in the Client Importer, the Client table will be Set 0. If you add External Code fields to the layout, because they are in a related table, they will be a new set (for example, Set 1 and Match 1), meaning that the fields will be used to identify records in the External Codes table. If you change Match to 0 for those External Codes fields, the fields will instead be used to identify records in the Client table (because the Client table is Set 0).
  2. Set column headers. For fields that are in sets other than 0, the column headers on the second page now include an image to indicate which set the field is in.
  3. Importer status. The status messages in the importers now use more text formatting and colours to highlight important parts.
  4. Changed layout indicator. When a change is made to the layout, a pencil icon will appear about the layout file name to indicate that there have been unsaved changes made to the layout.
  5. Edit missing info. After using the Add button in the Create Missing Info panel, the Add button will become an Edit button, allowing you to edit the record you just created. VETtrak will now check that the record you created will match the missing record - if not, you can use the Edit button to make appropriate changes.
  6. Modify multiple fields. You can now use SHIFT+click or CTRL+click to highlight multiple fields in the layout, and any change you make to the Set, Operation or Match will be applied to all highlighted fields (if possible).
  7. Invalid value error. An "Invalid value for field 'X'" error that could occur when matching on an Enrolment ID has been fixed.
  8. Unattended importer. This version introduces a way to set up automated unattended imports. The new VTImporter.exe application is included to allow this. An IT person can set up a tool such as the Windows Task Scheduler to run this application automatically on a schedule. The application needs to be given two parameters - the filename of a standard VETtrak INI file used to connect to the database, and the filename of a new VTImporter INI file that contains settings used to control the import and its output (a template for the latter is included in the ImporterLayouts folder). If you are a hosted customer, contact VETtrak Support if you wish to set up an automated import.

Capability analysis

A new Capabilities Analysis tool has been added to the Capabilities Add-on. Open it by using the Utility menu -> Capability -> Analyse Capabilities option. This tool provides an Excel pivot-grid style interface to allow you to perform a range of custom analysis on your capability data. This can be used to perform analysis such as:

  1. Gap analysis, to identify gaps in client's capabilities to meet position requirements
  2. Needs analysis, to identify training requirements and expiring capabilities

The information can be sliced up in different ways. Layouts can be saved for later re-use. This tool is a work-in-progress and we encourage you to provide us any feedback and suggestions.

Web portal changes

  1. Client match employer display. The client's employer has been added to the list of fields in the Client Match wizard. As this will be highlighted red when changed like other fields, this makes it more obvious that you need to "match and update" the client if you want to keep a change to its employer.
  2. Last Student Portal login. If you have the Student Portal, the Client wizard will now display the date that the client last logged into the Student Portal, under the "Student web portal role" field.
  3. Student Portal documents. New options for Occurrence and Unit/Subject have been added to Global Preferences -> Student Portal -> Documents tab, to allow you to control whether students can view documents for these types of records. Students cannot upload documents for these types of records.
  4. Trainer Portal documents. A new option for Occurrence has been added to Global Preferences -> Trainer Portal -> Documents tab, to allow you to control whether trainers can view or upload documents for occurrences.
  5. VTDocs changes. A new "VTDocs Plus" feature can be added to your VETtrak to enable its new QR code scanning and unallocated document features. The Staff Credential entity is now available in the Security Manager for VTDocs.
  6. Progress Portal changes. The Invoice entity is now available in the Security Manager for VTDocs.
  7. Authentication providers. A new option has been added to enable or disable "Login with VETtrak credentials" when right-clicking the Authentication Providers node under a portal application in the Security Manager. Disabling this will prevent users from being able to log into that portal with traditional VETtrak usernames and passwords, useful if you want to force all users of that portal to use the authentication providers you have set up.

Other changes

  1. Configuration Manager toolbar icon. An icon to open the Configuration Manager has been added to the start of the toolbar.
  2. Award USI validation. The Award wizard will now validate that the client has a USI, when it is required, when editing an award, not just when adding an award.
  3. Foundation Skills Childcare Importer. The Childcare Importer will now validate that the arrangement that a childcare session is being imported into belongs to the same parent as the child for that childcare session.
  4. Verify SSL certificates. For improved security, VETtrak will now verify SSL certificates when connecting to certain SOAP-based web services, such as when sending SMS messages or communicating with the Victorian Student Number Registrar. If this causes an issue for you, you can disable this verification by unticking "Verify SSL certificate when connecting to SOAP web services" in Global Preferences -> Proxy Server.

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