Short Courses users can track the costs involved in running a Programme occurrence, including recording both projected and actual costs for the occurrence.

Cost types are set up in the Configuration Manager and are allocated to an occurrence by right-clicking on the Costs node in the Programme Manager and selecting Add cost to occurrence:

This will display the Occurrence Costs Wizard:

  1. Select the Cost type that you want to record. If you need to add/edit a Cost Type, press the Handy Button to the left of the field.
  2. This box will be enabled if the selected cost type (such as a Tutor Fee) has been set in the Configuration Manager to require a staff member. If the dropdown is enabled, you must select a staff member.
  3. Enter the amount that you expect this item to cost you.
  4. Later, you can record the actual amount that was spent on this item.
Note: The option to select a Ledger is available via the dropdown menu. If the selected Cost type has a ledger configured, the Ledger field will populate based on that item.

The budgeted and actual costs are displayed under the Details node in the Programme Manager:

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