Short Courses users can track the costs involved in running a programme occurrence, including recording both projected and actual costs for the occurrence.

Cost types are set up in the Configuration Manager and are allocated to an occurrence by right-clicking on the Costs node in the Programme Manager and selecting Add cost to occurrence:

This will display the Occurrence Costs Wizard:

  1. Select the Cost type that you want to record. If you need to add/edit a Cost Type, press the Handy Button to the left of the field.
  2. This box will be enabled if the selected cost type (such as a Tutor Fee) has been set in the Configuration Manager to require a staff member. If the dropdown is enabled, you must select a staff member.
  3. Enter the amount that you expect this item to cost you.
  4. Later, you can record the actual amount that was spent on this item.

The budgeted and actual costs are displayed under the Details node in the Programme Manager:

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