Process: Using Enrolment Profiles


Enrolment Profiles are created based off an existing Enrolment within VETtrak, to make a template that can be used to enrol further clients and streamline data entry. They can also be created (using the same process) for Contracts.

You can enter an Enrolment with a training plan, events, placements and enrolled units, and then turn this enrolment into a profile. Then you can create new enrolments based on this profile, all with the same details. Dates for this information will be dynamically adjusted throughout the enrolment process according to the selected start date. As an example, if an Event is to take place 15 days after the start date of the enrolment, when using the Profile to create a new Enrolment, VETtrak will attempt to place that Event 15 days later than your selected start date - taking into account details such as Public Holidays.

Once enrolled, you can then adjust the details on an individual basis should a student require.

Profiles are located in the Qualification Manager, and can be viewed under the Profiles node under each qualification:


A video resource exists to demonstrate this functionality!

VETtrak AcademyPlus - Enrolment Profiles
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Creating an Enrolment Profile

To create a profile, start by creating an enrolment as normal. It may be useful to have a dummy client record in your database to create these against. Once you have created the enrolment, add in whatever other associated VETtrak data you want associated with the profile. You can do any or all of the following:

  • Enter training plan details.
  • Schedule events.
  • Enter work placements.
  • Attach tasks.
  • Create an invoice schedule.

Once you have everything set up the way you want it, right-click on the enrolment and select Create profile from this enrolment:

Profiles require a Course or Qualification be selected within the enrolment in order to function - Unit-only enrolments are unable to be turned into Profiles.

This will display the Profile Wizard:

  1. Give the profile a unique name and (optionally) a code
  2. The description field can be used to detail some information about the Profile.

Click Next and Finish to save it. 

The new profile can then be viewed under the Profiles node under each qualification in the Qualification Manager:

Within here you can see all the associated items that are attached to the profile. If needed, you can also right-click the enrolment as it appears in this area and select to edit it should you require to amend it's details.


Enrolling from a Profile

With your Profile created, you can now make use of it to create new Enrolments for people. To do this, got to the Create menu and select From Profile under the enrolment options:

This will display the Create Enrolments from Profile Wizard:

Within here, Select the Training Package Qualification the Profile you wish to use is associated with.

You can then set the following:

  1. Select the Profile you want to use
  2. View the Type of profile being used (Enrolment or Contract)
  3. Set the Enrolment start date (This will dictate the allotment of dates for items such as Events and Training Plan information within the new Enrolment)
  4. Select an Employer to be associated with the Enrolment - This will allow the selection of a Workplace Contact.

With these items selected, press Next to display the Client Selection area:

Progressing the wizard will then create the enrolments for the selected client(s), with the VETtrak logic allocating dates for the associated data that was included in the profile:


Editing Profile Details

In the Qualifications Manager, you can edit an existing profile's information by locating it within the Qualification it was created for, under the Profiles heading. 

Expand the Profile as it appears in the list, and Right-click the Enrolment icon like so:

This allows you to manage it as if it was an existing enrolment, amending details such as the training plan, enrolled units, financial information, etc.

Expanding the Enrolment icon in this way will also allow you access further supplementary data items, such as events, placements, etc - Which can also have details added or amended for future use within the Profile.


Amending details in this way does not affect existing Client enrolments derived from the profile.

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