File Notes

File Notes are a unique way to record targeted information against entities within VETtrak. As an example, These entities can include Student Enrolments, Awards, Classes, Invoices, Employers - even against Clients directly.

Unlike a Description or Notes field, File Notes can be recorded as individual items, and categorised by using File Note types. Template-style Files Notes can also be created as Canned File Notes, to be quickly added as a new File Note - or appended to an existing File Note item.

File Notes are reviewed within their own UI element, the File Note Feed, which also contains buttons to view additional note information (such as author and last edit date) as well as the ability to Edit and Delete a File Note.

The File Note Feed appears in the Client Manager, Employer Manager, Staff Manager and Programme Manager

File Notes can be also be selectively configured to appear within VETtrak Portal Products


Adding File Notes

File Notes are recorded by selecting the item you wish to record a File Note for in your VETtrak Manager of choice. If the select item permits the recording of File Notes, the File Note feed will show active buttons to add a File Note, as well as list any existing File Notes for that record.

Press the Add button to create a new File Note for this VETtrak record:

This will open the File Note Wizette:

  1. Select a File Note type to categorise the type of File Note to be recorded.
  2. The Canned File Notes button can be used to select Template File Note text to either populate the body of the File Note, or append it to the existing text.
  3. Select a Date relevant to the File Note.
  4. Enter the body of your File Note text (this can be edited or appended later)

Press Finish. The File Note will now appear in File Note feed.

Note: File notes can also be added within a particular records Wizard while editing or adding data, or by right clicking a record to view the relevant File Note page:

This functionality can also be accessed in more involved wizards against particular records, such as Record Results:

Note: File Notes can also be added in bulk via the Data Insights Manager


Editing File Notes

  1. Select the entity that you wish to edit a File Note for
  2. Identify the File Note within the File Note feed on the right hand side
  3. Click the Edit  button to open the Edit Wizette:
    • Within here you can amend the File Note types, File Note Date, enter more text, or use the Canned File Notes function to append or replace the body of the File Notes text.


Viewing File Note Details

  1. Identify the File Note within the File Note feed on the right hand side
  2. Press the Info  button for immediate details:
    • Date Added displays the date this File Note was created.
    • Added By displays the Staff Member that added the File Note.
    • Date Last Changed indicates the last date this File Note was edited. 
    • Last Changed By displays the Staff Member that edited the File Note at that time.
    • Portal Availability will show what Portals can view this File Note (if any).


Filtering File Notes

The Filters allows you to choose a specific File Note Type to display. When a filter is selected only File Notes of that type will show in the log.

You can also use the Comment field to filter within the File Notes body of text:

Click the [X] button within the Filters panel to remove the current filtering.


Deleting File Notes

  1. Select the entity that you wish to manage a File Note for
  2. Identify the File Note within the File Note feed on the right hand side
  3. Select the Delete option

  4. Confirm to remove the File Note

File Note Reports

Within the File Note feed, you can press the Report button to display all File Notes for the selected entity.

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