The Payment Settings page

Payment Settings determines the payment methods that VETenrol will offer to users when registering. The payment methods are displayed to users in the Payment Options section at the Confirm step, or under Course Details for a Rapid registration. Other payment settings are also available for the standard registration process.

Payment methods offered through VETenrol are indicative only!

The Credit Card payment method will charge users up-front, but it requires a third party provider.
Only offer the payment methods your organisation can handle internally.

Payment Settings can be accessed from the Configuration () page.

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Understanding the Payment Settings page

VETenrol Admin Payment Settings page

Key aspects of the Payment Settings page:

  • Navigate to related pages:
    • Discount Settings — navigate to the Discount Settings page.
    • Payment Gateway — view settings related to the Credit Card payment method.
  • Setting Categories
    There are three tabs relating to the Standard registration process:
    • Global — methods for both individuals and group bookings.
    • Individual — methods for individuals registering.
    • Group — methods for Group Bookings.
  • And finally, a tab for the Rapid Registrations feature:
    • Rapid — methods for both default and cart enabled registrations.
  • Save
    This button commits any changes to the settings. It appears to the right of the navigation area and at the bottom of the page. Saving will keep changes to settings made across tabs.

Global Payment Preferences

These methods apply to the standard registration process for both individual registrations and group bookings. They cannot be set for either registration type independently.

Electronic Funds Transfer

This section allows for the inclusion of an EFT payment method for users and related settings.

VETenrol Admin Payment Settings Global tab EFT section

  • Allow EFT Payment Option checkbox — determines if users can choose to pay by electronic funds transfer froth their bank account directly to yours. Ticking this option will enable the fields to supply your bank account details.
  • BSB, Account Number and Account Name — These entries are used to populate placeholders in the EFT Notice of the confirmation email for users choosing this payment method.

EFT bank account details must be accurate for users to be able to deposit funds.
Implement suitable procedures to verify and process registrations where the EFT payment method has been chosen.

Your procedure may include steps such as:

  • checking that the funds have been deposited to your nominated account.
  • changing the registration status to Awaiting Payment until the funds have been transferred.
  • Sending a reminder email via VETenrol using a mail template for registration responses.
  • updating the status to Approved and then processing the Web Enrolment in VETtrak once payment has been received.
  • updating the status to Rejected and then rejecting the Web Enrolment in VETtrak for non-payment.

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