Often you will want to show that an Occurrence is made up of one or more attendance sessions or classes. Classes are useful in that they allow you to record attendance, and allocate a staff member and a room.

Adding Classes to an Occurrence

There are several ways to create Occurrence Classes, the simplest way to add a single class is to right-click the Classes heading in the Occurrence Details panel, and select Add class to occurrence:

You can add multiple classes at once by selecting Schedule classes using calendar.

This will display the standard Class Wizard:

  1. Class starts and finishes on the same day. This box is ticked by default. Only untick it if you want to record a class that spans more than one day.
  2. Set the Class Date for the class itself to occur.
  3. The Start and Finish times will be automatically filled in based off the default Class Start and Finish times set up in your Programme Preferences - Adding section of Global Preferences.
  4. If you wish, enter a Code to serve as a unique identifier for the Class.
  5. Enter a particular Staff Member to be responsible for the class.
  6. If you require, you can indicate a particular Room where the Class takes place.
  7. Enter a Capacity to communicate the maximum number of people who can attend.
  8. Online Class Link is an area where an online learning environment link can be entered if the class is being performed remotely.
  9. Class Type can be selected to indicate what kind of class delivery may be used.
  10. A Description can be entered for additional information.

Once this area is filled out as needed, press Next.


The next part of the wizard will allow you to configure associate Units with the class:

Tick the units you require, then press Next.


The next part of the wizard will allow you to configure Class Breaks:

Add breaks to your class by using the [+] Add button in the top right. Set a start and end time for your break. This Break time in your class will be deducted from the class duration minutes if the Ded box on the right hand side is ticked.


Changing Classes

Class details can be amended within an Occurrence by right-clicking on the Classes heading and choosing Change Selected Classes:

This will open the Change Occurrence Classes Wizard:

Within here you can amend many of the details that are entered against a class for as many classes as you require. These details include:

  1. The Room associated with the class
  2. The assigned Staff Member
  3. The Start and Finish times for the class

You can tick the classes required to be change and select your changed details, press Next and Finish to process the change.


Deleting Classes

A class can be removed from an Occurrence by right-clicking on the item and choosing Delete Occurrence Class.

If you require to remove many classes, perhaps due to an error during class creation, you can right-click on the Classes heading and select Delete selected classes:

This will open the Delete Occurrence Classes Wizard:

Tick the classes you require to delete, and press Finish to process the deletion.

Classes with Attendance recorded are unable to be deleted - the attendance will need to be removed beforehand.


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