Booking Manager Overview

 This content represents an older version of the VETtrak Software. Some content may not match directly to a newer version.

The Booking manager is now part of the standard Programme Manager, please see our article here

The Bookings feature is designed for organisations delivering on-site corporate training. It allows the entry and viewing of information required for delivering courses specifically for particular companies. Bookings provide a more detailed daily view of occurrences than is available through the Programme Manager.

A booking is part of an occurrence and extends an occurrence by allowing extra information to be recorded and then viewed at a glance. A booking will appear as both a booking in the Booking Manager and as an occurrence in the Programme Manager, it can be treated like any other occurrence.

The Booking Manager shows shows a day at a time and details any bookings for that day.

To open the Booking Manager, choose Manage > Bookings from the menu, or press F3 on the keyboard. Clicking the  icon on the toolbar, or from the Dashboard will also open the Booking Manager.

The Booking Manager has the following features:

  • The current date (or date range) for the bookings/occurrences listed is situated top left. The date fields to the right can be used to specify the date range. In addition, the arrow buttons can be used to quickly change the date relative to the date currently set.
    •  Previous month.
    •  Previous day.
    •  Today.
    •  Next day.
    •  Next month.
  • The booking list is the area where bookings are displayed. It includes the following:
    • Area for grouping the booking list by column headers.
    • Booking list table column headers.
    • Actual bookings matching the specified date range.
  • The Close button will close the Booking Manager tab.
  • The Print button opens a print preview of the current list.
  • The Export button saves the current list to an excel spreadsheet.
  • Only show active occurrences/bookings can be toggled to filter inactive occurrences/bookings in the list.
  • The Only show occurrences/bookings that have a class in the date range checkbox can be unticked to show occurrences/bookings with a start or finish date that falls within the date range even if the classes are outside the date range. This will include bookings/occurrences that do not have any classes specified. For example: If this option is ticked and a booking is set to start 1/11, but the first class is on 2/11 due to a public holiday, the booking would not be displayed if the Booking Manager is only set to show only 1st November. However, if this option is unticked the booking would show.
  • Save layout button will store the current layout for future use by the current user.
  • Clear layout button restores the layout to the default.



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